Michael Baisden to leave Radio

Michael Baisden to leave Radio

Michael Baisden Show Staff has been “Locked Out” of Cumulus Studios…

Updated 4:30 pm

Rolling out cannot believe that Michael Baisden has been locked out of Cumulus studios well before his self-imposed departure date of April 1, 2013.  Michael Baisden has issued an updated statement:

All their action does is make me more determined then ever to come back. And next time there will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and my listeners. Lesson learned!  Now it’s time to get to work on the comeback… and I’ll be kicking butt and taking names when I return.  I’ll miss you family, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for my daily inspiration post and updates on the return of The MB Show! The journey continues!!!”

Michael Baisden announced a hiatus from his radio show on his Facebook page this morning. The hiatus will begin on April 1, 2013.  Now in his tenth year on the air, Baisden wants his radio family to know he did everything in his power to continue his “Michael Baisden Show” without interruption.

“We’re already planning to return to the air as soon as possible in a way that will give the ‘Michael Baisden Show’ a more direct relationship with our affiliates, and most importantly, our listeners,” said Pamela Exum, his business manager.

We fondly remember the moment when on Sept. 20, 2007, he passionately and skillfully spearheaded the famous Jena 6 march in Jena, La.  This historic and momentous occasion garnered tens of thousands of citizens of all races to peacefully march in support of six young men who had been unfairly treated by the justice system.

Another historic year was 2008 when Michael Baisden endorsed Sen. Barack Obama and went on to celebrate President Obama’s victory with over 4,000 fans at a watch party in Miami on election night. The Obama camp, along with millions of listeners, credited him with being one of the major forces behind this historic victory to elect the first African American to the Presidency of the United States and in his re-election in 2012.

Baisden reflects, “”It’s not about the job, it’s about the journey. I have been grinding for over 10 years, fighting for the underdog, inspiring people daily on my Michael Baisden Live Page on Face-book and working my butt off to produce the best show on radio. I hope my fans miss me… because I’m definitely going to miss them,” Michael says. “But this is not the end, it’s the Next Chapter!”

We are looking forward to seeing that next chapter.