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The first part of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion was dominated by beef between, Porsha Stewart, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore. On Sunday’s episode, NeNe Leakes and Parks are expected to get into a heated beef over an unknown incident. Now, Bravo has revealed just what started the friction between Leakes and Parks.

In a preview clip of part two of the reunion, Leakes confronts Parks about going behind her back and trying to dig up dirt on her past.

“On first season, when I said that I didn’t know you, what you did behind my back was talk to my half-sisters. I haven’t had a relationship with them in over eight years. You  sat with them and tried to dig up dirt,” Leakes said to Parks, who admitted to speaking with her sisters.

“What the f–k did I do for you to do that? Nothing,” asked Leakes angrily.

Parks also admitting to inviting Leakes’ sisters to her son, Ayden’s, first birthday party, but she denies inviting them with malicious intent, saying instead that Leakes is just paranoid.

“For some reason, you have this crazy thing thinking everybody’s coming against you, NeNe,” said Phaedra.

However, Leakes was not at all swayed by Parks’ words.

“What was your purpose of sitting somewhere, trying to film with my half-sisters? What if I sat up on the show and filmed with your mama or with your aunt or your ex-boyfriend, to try to bring or do you harm?” NeNe said. “We all work on this show together. I ain’t trying to take anybody out. I ain’t got to like your s–t, but I ain’t fittin’ to go sit and try to be dirty and bring up your past.”

“I just had a conversation with my sister. She told me everything that you did.  You need to own up to your wrong doing,” she said. “At the end of the day, we are blood. They are going to come back and tell me. You are stupid. You’re not smart,” she added.

Clearly, this is going to be one explosive episode of “RHOA.” But this isn’t the first big battle for Leakes. Check out some of her other famous feuds below. – nicholas robinson


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  • mya

    It sounds like Nene is describing herselef, “dirty”, “skanky”, and “ignorant”

    • champaign

      Kenya is the star of the show because she put on a show and get paid for it. Very soon Phadra wil be in divorce court with Apollo, he like hot women and she knows that, since when peter had any voice he has to say centia pick his broke ass up and heip his short ass, why he don’t go pose for santa, please, apollo is just pretending Kenya ain’t dumd to text him so he can save it and used it agaist her, he just wabt her dvds sales to drop that why he and fake, fake is mad, they are both boring who wants to them.

  • Ty

    If anyone has seen the movie “The Dark Crystal” with those larger, buzzrd like creatures created by Jim Henson, please tell me Nene don’t look JUST LIKE THEM!

  • Danceroflife

    Phaedra has been revealed to be a shady and unethical person and I’m not surprised. I’ve always been leery and suspicious of people who thump the Bible.