private prisonsLow crime rates bad for business for private prisons; they demand states keep them full

The prison-industrial complex is so out of control that private prisons have the sheer audacity to order states to keep beds full or face their wrath with stiff financial penalties, according to reports. Private prisons in some states have language in their contracts that state if they fall below a certain percentage of capacity that the states must pay the private prisons millions of dollars, lest they face a lawsuit for millions more.

And guess what? The private prisons, which are holding cash-starved states hostage, are getting away with it, says advocacy group, In the Public Interest.

In the Public Interest has reviewed more than 60 contracts between private prison companies and state and local governments across the country, and found language mentioning “quotas” for prisoners in nearly two-thirds of those contracts reviewed. Those quotas can range from a mandatory occupancy of, for example, 70 percent occupancy in California to up to 100 percent in some prisons in Arizona.

It is very interesting and telling that so few major national news organization are willing to report on the monstrous, ravenous and criminal system that is devouring hundreds of thousands of black and brown boys. Even those who do not subscribe to conspiracy theories have looked askance at this shocking report.

Welcome to the greatest manifestation of modern-day slavery, ladies and gentlemen.

One of those private prisons, The Corrections Corporation of America, made an offer last year to the governors of 48 states to operate their prisons on 20-year contracts, according to In the Public Interest.

What makes these deals so odious and unscrupulous? Take a look:

1) The offer included a demand that those prisons remain 90 percent full for the duration of the operating agreement. You know what that means: if there are not enough prisoners then there will be an unspoken push for police to arrest more people and to have the courts send more to prison for petty, frivolous and nonviolent crimes. There will also be a “nudge” for judges to hand down longer or maximum sentences to satisfy this “quota.”

2) Private prison companies have also backed measures such as “three-strike” laws to maintain high prison occupancy.

3) When the crime rate drops so low that the occupancy requirements can’t be met, taxpayers are left footing the bill for unused facilities.

The report found that 41 of 62 contracts reviewed contained occupancy requirements, with the highest occupancy rates found in Arizona, Oklahoma and Virginia.

In Colorado, Democratic Gov. John Hinklooper agreed to close down five state-run prisons and instead send inmates to CCA’s three corrections facilities. That cost taxpayers at least $2 million to maintain the unused facilities.

It is getting more difficult to rationalize the societal cost of keeping prisons full just to satisfy private investors who treat prisoners as commodity and cattle .

Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.

  • Bluto

    The local governments should work with the NSA and use some of that “it’s just metadata” info to implicate people in criminal acts and fill those prisons. We’ve been spending too much time working on a Huxleyan dystopia… let’s get the Orwellian police state into full swing!

    • Barry Copithorne

      Your not serious are you? 😐

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          • Truth

            One doesn’t need a dictionary to check or correct very basic grammar. Just sayin’.

          • Randy

            One doesn’t need to correct grammar either; not online anyway. It makes one look…what’s the word?…oh, there’s several. Think of synonyms of “stupid,” “cocky,” and “unimportant.”

          • Robyn Ann

            “Think of synonyms for*”

            Do you feel more smarter? Calling someone a name because you’re wrong makes you…what’s the word?…oh, several. Think along the lines of “childish”, “overly sensitive”, and “obnoxious”. If you make a grammar mistake and someone corrects you, say “thank you” and move on instead of bitching about it like a little baby. “Mo-o-o-o-o-om! He corrected me!” Now grow the fuck up and type right. Jesus.

          • Randy

            Uh, no one corrected my grammar you horse-looking cunt! (you seem to love offensive language) Isn’t there something salty around you that needs licked.

          • Robyn Ann

            I just corrected your grammar, you little baby. Go cry in the corner.

          • Randy

            Again, you horse-looking cunt, you didn’t correct my grammar because nothing was wrong with my grammar to correct. You, on the other hoof, did use poor grammar. Feel “more smarter” now?

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            Nobody cares except those that use bad grammar showing their dumbness.

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            lets change the subject and talk about grammar, much more important. Right?

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        You’re a little slow on the uptake today, huh? 😉

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          You never know on these boards.

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      starting by throwing you in there first you sick sack of sh i t

      • earl1940

        LOL… they say satire is lost on fools & children… Think, Ezekiel…

    • fryday

      yes !! I’m sure there is some one who ” thought” something we don’t like that we can incarcerate ..

  • Anon

    Source materials???

    • Aaron
      • DJBloodDiamonD

        Good link! But after reading through it i am not sure it proves what this site wants it to.

        • glorrierose

          Why do you say that? Did you read it? It’s 15 pages long. Seems pretty solid to me.

          • damefrank

            Where’s 15 pages? It doesn’t cite anyone or anything that I can sink my teeth into.

          • Don

            what is your point dumbass.

            What fact do you doubt?

            for profit prisons? Nothing else is relevant.

            Washington Post talks about it, Reuters does too… google before babbling stupid.

          • Joe M.

            I counted 36 citations in the first 13 pages. While many of the links are to independent news sites, they are sites that also cite their sources in their articles. With a little bit of digging i was easily able to verify a couple of the stats in the article above in a couple minutes.

  • Keith Laufenberg

    And this is what? A surprise? C’mon man: it’s called Capitalism and all the politicians are in on it, as well as the majority of the ‘brainwashed’ “Christian” public. Please spare me the fact that you (anyone) doesn’t know that we’ve (the State) been filling prisons for eternity for primarily monetary crimes. When the economy falters the robberies and thefts go way up: when it’s booming they go down!

    • gomisfitgo

      It’s not primarily monetary. It’s mostly drug crimes. Even minor ones.

      • Keith Laufenberg

        Brother, drug crimes ARE monetary crimes. If they had the money these drug addicts would be shooting up with it. If the State was humanistic instead of Capitalistic they would be in a hospital, which is where they should be, instead of an alleyway with a needle in their arm(s). Make something illegal and everyone wants to do it; make the same “crime” legal and, all of a sudden, nobody wants to do it: “the thrill is gone, then, bro’, & it’s this “thrill” that they seek, they want to “get away” with something, in more ways than one. And the State, knowing this, makes their “crime” illegal because they than make money from these “crimes.”

        • Rebecca Anne Inkster

          A lot of drug users aren’t doing it for a thrill, they do it to escape from the stress of a poor socio-economical enviroment where they see little hope of improving their situation. And as many people ther are that are in just for cannabis possession, often it’s to relieve pain, stress and/or depression. Marijuana was made illegal for the purpose of making certain groups of previously law-abiding citizens – that right-wing, and usually very wealthy, conservatives wanted to stick it to – into criminals; non-whites, the young, the poor, liberals/hippies/”subversives”…you know, many of the same people right-wing conservatives still hate and attack today!

          • MaineShark

            Actually, marijuana was made illegal because it was a way to get hemp banned. Hemp was competition for the wood-pulp paper industries that Hearst owned. He pretty much bankrolled the whole ban.

            The ban far predates “hippies” and such. Please do some research.

          • cookie

            you are so right, where are all the green people. Hemp grows faster and can be produced with out the drug of Marijuanan in it..

            so everything we have been told over the last 65 to 75 yrs has been all a lie to manipulate the public to heard towards what the corp needed to sell. Plan and simple. Global warming, please, take your ass out of ass. Yes I know I stated it that way for a reason.

          • clintonsbush

            good book on the history of marijuana is called The Emperor wears no clothes

          • ottofromdurham

            Also, Texas banned it to further the targeting of Mexicans in the early 20th century.

          • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

            Yes, the two big players involved was Henry Anslinger, head of the FBN (which would become the DEA) and William Randolph Hearst. Anslinger was a bigoted piece of shit who liked cracking skulls, he was just Al Capone with a badge., Hearst stood to lose billions with a capital B over time, unless he adapted, which, y’know, fuck that.

            a Febuary 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics was to be released calling “Hemp: The New Billion-Dollar Crop” (BILLION-DOLLAR CROP, in 1938!). Hearst and Anslinger succeeded in preventing that.

            Of course until “Hemp For Victory” in WWII which saw hemp parachutes and gear save countless lives, including a Drug Warrior President known as George Bush Sr….man I wish his ‘chute had been made of cheap DuPont and Hearst products 😛

          • Steve Anderson

            You’re both correct.

          • mop

            Don’t forget about the heavy influence the cotton industry had on shooting down hemp.

          • garry lafferty

            Slave labor

          • GFBrown

            Shark, you are certainly partially correct. The original push to ban hemp came about because the DuPont company purchased a patent for a new man-made fiber called Nylon. The only way to get the public to give up hemp fiber and move to nylon was to ban hemp (cannabis ) altogether. The Hearst newspaper companies were included, for the reason you mentioned, as the propaganda machine that would convince the American public that a product they had known all their lives was actually bad for them and therefore must be banned.

            There is a great book that explains everything called ” Hemp and The Marijuana Conspiracy or The Emperor Wears No Clothes “. It’s by Jack Herer. It’s available on Amazon for about $15.00.

            Maybe you’ve heard of a guy named Anslinger?
            He was the congressman who pushed the law through. He was also married to DuPont’s daughter.

          • Lainy

            I believe our tax money is given to other countries, free and clear as grants to keep them from growing Hemp. Just think of the money we would have if we didn’t support the thievery of a few rich boys profits.

          • Arthur McDonald

            Um, you’re BOTH right, actually…you don’t have to be like that at the end of your statement.

          • garry lafferty

            Good point true story. GOP make things up. They say I don’t trust Obama that really means he doing a good job.

          • TrueBliu Nineleven

            With all due respect…the left and the right are working together to accomplish the same goals. They are able to accomplish these goals by keeping people divided and fighting with one another. It is called the “false left/right paradigm” and if human beings can’t overcome this propaganda and realize that it is not left vs. right or liberal vs. conservative…it is freedom vs. tyranny, then they will continue to be slaves to this system.

            P.S. The banker always wins.

          • Nyby Leopoldkeisari El Budisti

            Don’t forget about the bio-fuel(wich the first FORD’s ran on) as well as all the garments(and ropes etc.) at that time. Not to mention the oil paint and even the plastics that can be made from it(hemp). And I won’t even go to the medicinal uses of cannabis with a THC/CBD content.

          • Keith Laufenberg

            It doesn’t matter what they do it for or even if they do do “it.” My point is that if the State makes money from it by incarcerating people who “do it” whatever “it” is they will continue to find more “its” to make illegal, hire more jailers and divide humans yet again.

          • Tony

            How many people do you know that are in prison for marijuana possession? I bet you cant name 5 because NO ONE goes to prison for possession of marijuana. They may do a day in JAIL (not prison). the rest of your post makes sense, but this statement about mj possession leads to prison is just plain false

          • shanob
          • Tony

            Your post doesn’t say anything about who and where they are incarcerated

          • Michelle Phillips

            try Valley State Pennitentiary(womens) for one. Chowchilla(women) which is Literally across the road from each other. Both in California.

          • Morgan Sheridan
          • Tony

            Yes, for distribution, small use, they are in jail, not prison

          • Otto

            “Distribution” is applicable for a relatively small amount in most states (half oz in NC, 7/8 ounce in NY, etc.). Most people charged are not selling anything.

          • Arthur McDonald


          • Antonio

            You do go to prison for marj, its called having more than a couple ounces, about 100 bucks worth , prison,
            Check the law

          • Brian Crawford

            Not here in Indiana. Possesion of 31 grams or more is a felony, or if you have a prior conviction less than that. Also if you get arrested twice for paraphernalia it is an automatic felony.

          • Otto

            So a prior offender of anything is punished more harshly as policy? This is very similar to a supreme court case where it was found a person cannot be punished for past offenses.

            This is because they were not being tried for the past in the current court. The current court cannot apply a punishment to facts it did not try.

          • Teresa Blakeslee

            I can actually name more than 25 right here in the county I live in that HAVE gone to prison for it. Not to mention the woman out west who was caught with a small amount, had her children taken away by the state, AND got more prison time than a guy in the same state who was convicted of being a Pedophile.

          • SummerLuv

            My husband went to jail for marijuana possesion, only the cops lied and said he was drug dealing. Drug dealing within a school zone (and there’s always a school nearby in urban areas) caused him to be charged with a felony. A felony he got at age 17 and that is still on his record, which made it very hard for him to find and keep a job. For example, if he told the truth on his application he wouldn’t receive a call back. When he lied he got the job only to be fired weeks later. He had an aunt who worked for Walgreens as a manager who was going to hire him, and she had to let him go because of his conviction! It can’t be expunged, he tried that. It can be sealed, but some jobs like security, banking, state/federal jobs, healthcare, and any job where he will care for or teach children will be able to see it on his record. He also was not eligible for student loans or grants for a while. This is how the system keeps bodies in prison. If you aren’t a criminal when they first arrest you, you will likely have to afterwards live a life of crime in order to have food and shelter. Thankfully, my husband (with my support and his church) was able to find different ways of making a living until he graduated.

          • Tired_of_poor_healthcare

            SummerLuv thank you for sharing. What a heartbreaking illustration of a shameful situation. Did your husband also lose his voting rights?

          • Otto

            Yup. The sentence is only part of it. One bad mistake and you are disadvantaged, by it, for life. The system is flawed.

            Maybe we could give a tax credit to employers that hire non-violent offenders. It would benefit everyone involved, including society at large.

          • Roy C

            I can’t speak for other states but in Louisiana 1st offense Marijuana possession can get you a 6 month prison sentence. That’s for small amounts of the drug.

          • Otto

            In my state it is decriminalized for under a half ounce (small amount) A little more is “intent to distribute”. That can put you in prison and it happens–especially among repeat offenders or those who have to rely on a public defender..

          • garry lafferty

            Right wing wealth prefer cocaine over pot.

          • Biggd4355

            back when the railroads were being built, we gave the Chinese opium as a bonus for good work. Then when we were done with them, they started taking other jobs. Infuriating many. So we made opium illegal so we could imprison the Chinese. Then the Mexicans came here taking jobs, so we focused on marijuana

        • Byte187

          they THEN* make

        • damn

          Actually a large portion are in for cannabis, in fact, a US citizen is arrested for cannabis every 30 seconds.

        • seamus mcdermott

          You seem to think the people making the most money in the drug trade are the ones who are doing the drugs. Think harder.

          • Otto

            Yup, it’s the government, not the users; and they profit coming and going and in between.

        • Otto

          People do drugs to escape reality or relax, not to get away with it. By your logic there should be little alcoholism.

        • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

          “the thrill is gone, then, bro’, & it’s this “thrill” that they seek, they want to “get away” with something, in more ways than one. And the State, knowing this, makes their “crime” illegal because they than make money from these “crimes.””

          Look, I generally agree with what you said, but as an addiction specialist and someone who was an addict myself (self-medication for combat PTSD) I can assure you that there are plenty of people that just want the drugs legal (including me) so they are A) safe and unadulterated, and B) accessible for those that are physically addicted and C) to gut the Cartels and end the Drug War, it was never a war and a warlike mindset set upon our own people, esp the sick, is sick and wrong. In war we train for the utter destruction of our enemy. Drug addicts are sick and need treatment as you said.

          But the fact that it’s a crime isn’t the sole thrill, the drugs themselves provide plenty of that. However I do think your overarching point was that once the thrill of illicit drugs is gun and the market is caving-in on itself, people won’t take to them like they used to.

          Which isn’t entirely because of legalization, either, it also would coincide with the rise of pharmaceitucal usage in the U.S.

          So in other words you can’t just put this on any singular thing. There are a lot of factors that drive people to use drugs and they vary from person to person.

          • Keith Laufenberg

            I never put it on any one thing. My whole point is this: It is better to legalize something like drugs because it takes all the crime out of it and puts those “addicted” in a hospital with the drugs, or a synthetic equivalent, to begin a recovery from the addiction. This is no be-all, do-all answer but you take the money, the profits, out of anything, all of a sudden, the interest is gone by the people who are ruining lives, including their own, by cornering any certain “drug” market. You also must remember that the very people who are supposed to be fixing it, the cops, are involved in it, in many places they ARE the problem and are making the money.

      • Sagaboy

        Clearly, gomisfitgo has not been “saved”. LMAO!

    • John Angell

      It’s called CRONYISM. Why the hell did state officials sign contracts with that kind of language in them?

      • Keith Laufenberg

        State “officials” are generally known for signing contracts without reading them, unless you start paying them to read them instead of paying them for signing them this will continue, as it always has, to be the norm.

        • Chris Bowen

          I already pay them to read before they sign, why would I pay them again to do it.

          • Keith Laufenberg

            How is it you pay State officials anything? Do you stand there and watch them sign anything? And, by paying them, if you mean as a taxpayer, then you very seldom even hear, much less see, anything most State officials actually sign or even know anything about it.

        • Otto

          You mean those bloated assholes don’t read their 1000-page-long bills? ?

      • Barry Fitzgerald

        You are right John, all of the outrageous government contracts are based on this. In some countries it is known as corruption but in North America it is called “Business as Usual “

        • GFBrown

          And the reason We, the People, don’t do anything about the corruption is because the politicians and the media, both of whom are controlled by the wealthy, have us arguing Republican versus Democrat so loudly and blindly, that we can’t/won’t join together to stop the corruption.

          • Arthur McDonald

            Well that’s why they have Jargon and Gobbledygook. Which is actually taught to recognize in middle school and they even tell you that the government uses this. I’ll never forget when I heard that. They basically showed a document that was written (just to merely give an example) with an entire paragraph not saying anything. It was the weirdest thing.

          • Otto

            Wouldn’t matter. America’s elections = hmm which one will screw us less.

        • Otto

          And when you are one of them, “conflict of interest” isn’t even addressed or cared about. ?

    • snchs

      WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID THIS ON FEB 8 1920 IN NEWSPAPER IN LONDON: “In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing…and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

      There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.”

      “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”- Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).

      “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.” – David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934

      We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America. (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit)

      The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.” – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919

      “Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.” (The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, Count Mensdorf, 1918).

      As Napolean said of the jews “They have a creed that blesses their misdeeds and thievings”

      “The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World’s immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N.” Harold Wallace Rosenthal (Jew)

      “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?” – “Jewish Tribune of New York”, October 28, 1927

      “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history; grades; official appointments; passwords; and explanations, are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Isaac Wise – 1927

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    • Arlene Kadrich

      When corporations and government are in bed together watching out for each other it’s called corporatism, not capitalism. We are living under corporatism.

      • Keith Laufenberg

        There’s really no difference, except Capitalism is bigger. The corporation does things for one reason—profit—and Capitalism, in America, expects its profits to be private while it socializes—like AIG—its losses.

  • Paul Nowak

    Modern day forn of slavery? Are you kidding me?? What does a private prison have to do with any form of racism? Now mind you that I totally disagree with such a blatant, frivolous use of any state or local tax dollars, but to use the race card and use any meaning of SLAVERY is a disgrace. The point of this story was clear in the 1st paragraph, the writer should be ashamed to pad the story any further.

    • Wisdom

      Yes you fool, it’s modern day slavery, just like this modern day workforce is becoming! Prisoners are an un recognized non-paid workforce for the government. You need to expand your own limited racial associations Paul, Green is the racial card that’s being played here and you qualify to serve it

      • alani

        Yes Prisons are modern day slave camps. Many of the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies have their furniture made in Prisons. County and State Prisoners are used to work on Large Farms planting and picking crops. All States have their License Plates made in Prisons. They have Prison Camps where Prisoners are used to fight fires. Besides that many of the Prisoners are used as Guinea Pigs by Drug Companies. Yes they are Slave Camps!

        • Adrenaline

          It is pretty funny when they send you there for drugs/alcohol and then give you more without your consent. lol. You really have no choice but to take the shit amazingly.

    • JMeans

      Dude, PLEASE read some books. And theThirteenth Amendment. Seriously. Your lack of knowledge (I would say ignorance, but that sounds harsh) is quite shameful.

      • pduggie

        So are you saying the 13th amendment was a bad idea for allowing involuntary servitude as punishment for crime? You wanna change the constitution?

        • Pete Ludwig

          Having work as part of a sentence isn’t the issue. Having longer sentences due to factors outside of the individual’s record and the law is. There are people in for life because they got caught with a joint on a third strike, in some cases in states which have declared marijuana legal for personal use now. That is an egregious affront to the concept of proper sentencing, and it is also something rich people can buy their way out of. There was the judge in PA sending kids to juvie for payola. I could go on. There are a lot of people doing way more time than they deserve and we are paying a TON of money for it, and that is bad in so, so many ways.

          • alani

            When I was growing up in Pennsylvania they had a place called Slaten Farms. They sent Teenagers there for crimes as small as Truancy where they were forced to work like slaves. Their living quarters were nothing but shacks and many of the young women were abused there.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster


          • amdrea

            There was a movie about that hell hole

          • truth

            Mark Chiaverella and Conahan were the judges who got “caught” in PA for giving teenagers long sentences for petty crimes. They received kickbacks from the developers who built the detention facilities. That was a shame. It happens on a larger scale for “adults” sentenced to prison “legally.”

        • Rebecca Anne Inkster

          Hey P, what do you think an amendment IS? It’s a change to the constitution!

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster

        No, ignorance is the right word, willful too, sadly.

    • flashorton

      The two go hand in hand. You only have to look into the racial demographics of the prison population and the sentencing disparity between white and black to know that racism is alive and well in the US of A.

      • WildWally

        You stupid ass!! The blacks are in such a majority in prisons simply because the blacks connit most of the crimes. Are you are too ignorant to understand that? I guess so.

        • Pete Ludwig

          Blacks and whites use marijuana in pretty much equal percentages, but take a look at who’s in jail for it. Stand your ground works for whites, but the black lady in Florida who fired a warning shot past her ex who she had a restraining order on and was in her house actively threatening her gets 20 years. If you don’t think the legal system has racial bias all over then you have your head stuck in the sand.

          • guy johnson

            The “lady” in Florida left the scene, and returned later with a firearm. She CHOSE to put herself back into a risky situation. Once she had left she was out of danger from her ex.

          • Jan Downs

            No sir, she did not leave the scene. The gun was in her car, in the ATTACHED GARAGE. The garage door was broken and she was unable to leave that way. Not to mention she was being abused, terrorized and harassed by the piece of shit ex-husband, at that very moment. A man who, by his own admission, had sworn to kill her on numerous occasions if she tried to leave him. She was in no way, shape, form or fashion out of danger from that piece of garbage. Maybe before you post anymore you could research the facts in that case, so you stop making a jackass of yourself.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            Yeah, and she specifically made a point to NOT try to kill him, let alone stalk him and murder him for the crime of being a black teenage boy in a hoodie!

          • asdf

            She fired a warning shot (the woman in FL) at her husband when she had kids in the house. That was the issue. Personally, I could have cared less if she intentionally shot at the POS ex husband, but she missed and fired a warning shot which went through a wall and could have hit a kid in the house. Are the gun laws there stupid? Yes, but if you use a gun in a crime (firing a warning shot is a felony) you get 10 years just on that, PLUS she had kids in the house, which probably added more time to that.

          • doreene

            Better a warning shot than having her kids watch daddy kill their mommy and or them too.

          • MaineShark

            “Stand your ground” laws are rarely used. I doubt they are used often enough to make any statistical inference. Most cases in which folks think they are applied, they are not (eg, Zimmerman/Martin, where SYG was never in any way, shape, or form part of the defense, despite outright lies by so many in the media).

            Your premise (that Blacks are disproportionately arrested, disproportionately convicted, and receive longer sentences than Whites) is very true, so please support it with facts that are actually solid, like the marijuana example.

            There are also significant disparities in how the drug laws are written, so that drugs favored by Whites have lesser penalties than drugs favored by Blacks. For example, under Federal law, simple possession of five grams of crack cocaine results in a five-year mandatory minimum sentence, but to attain that same mandatory minimum sentence for “traditional” powder cocaine, the threshold is five /hundred/ grams, and there must be intent to sell (absent intent to sell, that would only be a misdemeanor, with less than one year in jail).

            Powder cocaine (favored by Whites) and crack cocaine (favored by Blacks) are both illegal, but even if the cops and courts were all honest so that the convictions were in direct proportion to the level of use among the population (laughable, but let’s pretend), who would be getting nailed with stiffer sentences?

            For comparison, 500 grams is over a pound, whereas five grams is less than the weight of a quarter. So, next time you’re in the store, grab a quarter out of the change in your pocket, and grab a pound of butter – the Black man with a bit of crack that weighs less than that quarter is going to prison for at least half a decade, but the White man with cocaine that weighs more than that pound of butter is getting less than a year.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            I THINK you meant well with that post.. o.O

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            You failed on an epic scale, but I THINK you meant well..

          • MaineShark

            Did you just accuse yourself of failing on an epic scale? Because that’s what it looks like…

          • your moms daddy

            that isnt race in general pete, that is the judge himself being anti-gun anti-stand your ground or anti-black. our system does have many biases but its not the system its the people running the system. one judge lets a hispanic man use stand your ground after he kills a kid, another doesn’t let a battered black house wife defend herself with it. also where is your proof that everyone uses drugs in equal amounts? id believe you but the thing is our country has pushed everyone who isnt white to the bottom in the past. being in poverty gives you a higher rate of crime in general. thats why less than 40 percent of the population(african americans) make up over 50 percent of all the prison population. also did you forget about the drug dealers who were able to stay out of jail using stand your ground? who were African American. had “whites” been in the same position as “blacks” in the turn of the century there would be massive amounts of drug use and crime being that “whites” make up most of the population

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            Ok, how many times does it have to happen to be considered systemic in your land of white-privilege-worldview? That is just typical bullshit white people tell themselves so as not to have to feel bad that the racism works in their favor. *I’m* white and even *I* know that! Your lack of awareness is staggering to me!

          • LIMD

            So you’re a white liberal and feel ashamed about being white. Why not serve a black person’s prison sentence for them then? Why not give a black, Indian or Mexican your house, your car, you money, etc? Why not move to a majority black neighborhood if you’re so ashamed of being white? This whole ‘white privilege’ mantra myth was created by feminists and whimpy “white” liberal males who never had to work a day in their life, so they feel guilty for having inherited a lot of money and take this guilt onto other whites.

          • Daynebry

            Really LIMD? I’m not seeing Rebecca’s statement as self hate, more as self awareness. It takes a stupid man to NOT see that there are numerous systematic inequalities where “Majority” vs “Minority” Are concerned.

            Ignorant is acceptable. Stupid is dangerous.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            Wake the hell up, you’ve been living in a dream world, Neo!

          • MaineShark

            Which “hispanic man,” precisely, used SYG after “kill[ing] a kid?”

            Inquiring minds want to know, because I’m unaware of any case matching that description.

          • Byte187

            Sounds like you just want facts to get in the way of a good emotional argument. Clearly racist!

          • afd

            If we are going to get rid of the ‘stand your ground laws’ because they are anti black, can we get rid of Hate Crime laws, affirmative action, letting in lots of third-world nonwhite parasites here, etc? I find those to be anti white.

          • Keith Laufenberg

            A “law” should make sense in order that those citizens it is directed at can understand it. ‘Stand your ground laws’ are devoid of any sense, common or otherwise.

        • Lesa Lal

          Well that was about one of the most ignorants comment I have heard yet. I’m saving it for an example! Thanks.

        • Medusa777ful

          Many of you committ crimes too but you get a spank on the wrist for it. Even if you rape little children and hide bodies under the floorboards!

        • BrickCityBully

          Mathematically it will still be impossible for blacks to be the majority when we are only 12% of this country’s population you fucking idiot.

        • Arthur McDonald

          It’s uh…it’s spelled “commit”….

          I’M black, and I’m not committing any crimes…

          BTW, speaking of crimes, there was a survey taken about three years ago concerning marijuana users in the US, and turns out, that 70% of all marijuana users and purchasers are caucasian, but 90% of all arrests are Black and Latino.

          One has to question, “Is there some racially motivated reason behind all of this?”

          Yes indeed, there are. I speak out of what I have seen, and read, and seen good friends of mine experience. Blessings.

          • minakins

            i honestly dont think it’s actually racially motivated, i think it’s one of the ploys used to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. if those in power target black people more frequently, the black people associate it with it being a racial issue, begin getting angry at white people, and we cannot come together and create equality and look to the real problems. it’s just one of many…. many distraction tactics used to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves like children while those in power laugh and sip expensive alcohol, followed by counting the money they didnt earn. also they push other things to create racism on both sides, making white people view black people as lazy criminals while white people are made out to be over-priveledged, spoiled, rich racist ass holes. it’s genius really, but also very shallow and obvious.

          • Sparky Flinstone

            muthafuka that is racism I don’t care how u sugar coat get your stupid ass outta here!

          • whitey

            maybe if you could spell, people wouldn’t think you’re lazy, stupid, uneducated idiot. My god, all computers (and cell phones) have SPELL CHECK, check it out……oh that’s right, sounding like a gangster is cool, huh?

          • aann

            Oh, come on, brutha? Why yo’ gots 2 beez like dat’, yo? Yo’momma n’ yo sistaz beez wit’ my white dik, know whum sayin’,nigga? yo yo yo yo yo

          • Sparky Flinstone

            typical queer talk from two (ahem) queers

          • Arthur McDonald

            Either way, the use of a racial…I suppose…weapon to cause a bigger problem or “final solution” in some eyes, is still the greater ideas of those who are otherwise the “intellectual” racists, who tend to be more on the side of eugenics to justify their beliefs. Racism ends up being used in some form regardless. Because lets say it is just to create more social mistrust between ethnicities…it is still using a racially motivated scheme to get some type of greater result. Best thing to do is to dissect ALL the parts of said scheme, and let the people know, and keep people united.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            No, I think it’s less a grand conspiracy and more that it has always been in our nature as humans to fear The Other/The Unknown, and white people, when in enough power, have as a group historically discriminated and persecuted other races in this way and many others. Not to say it’s impossible that non-whites might do this if the shoe was on the other foot. Who can say? But that situation has not been the case for much of known history in areas at least partly inhabited by white people, be it “manifest destiny” the Inquisition persecuting the jews in europe or it just being generally easier to not feel guilty about screwing people over if you dehumanize them first , at least in your own eyes. But I could be wrong, though historical events would seem to indicate otherwise..

          • LIMD

            Blacks and other races when it power discriminate too. Look at the black majority-ran govt in South Africa. They are using their power to take property from the minority white population and, in many cases, those whites have been killed. Some 70,000 whites have been murderded since 1994. Then there was Idi Amin (Ugandan dictator) who kicked out all the Asians and peope from Indian when he got power. Gehghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Islamic Middle Eastern men during the middle ages ravaged, pillaged and invaded European countries.

            You want to get into the ‘jew’ part, too? Fine. In Communist Russia, the majority of communist leaders were Jewish. Stalin was Jewish and he murdered some 30 million Ukrainians just prior to WWII breaking out. It’s called the Holdomoor Genocide. A (Jewish) dictator killed far more white Christians (Gentiles) than the Nazis killed Jews.

            Want to get into the issue of only whites using religion to harm others? Fine. What about Spain and parts of Eastern Europe that were invaded and pillaged by muslim armies during the Middle Ages as I mentioned earlier? Spain was under Islamic control from the 700s until the 1400s, right before the Spanish Inquisition.

            So when are you, Miss White Liberal, going to personally donate all your valuables to nonwhites and move to Africa or Colomobia or Saudi Arabia? I mean, you seem to hate yourself for being a white person, so move somewhere that nonwhites are a majority. Hell, move to South Africa. They are killing whites there left and right, but then, you probably don’t care about that, do you?

          • Music for Kids

            Stalin wasn’t jewish. Ive net actual white supremacists who admit the rumor he was was due to mistaken etymology.

          • Nica

            And you don’t think the scenario you described qualifies as “racially motivated” because….?

          • asdf

            It’s not just whites, but even Middle Easterners, Asians and Hispanics don’t like blacks. If their neighborhoods were clean cut, low crime, better managed and if their leaders didn’t make excuses, we’d have more respect for them.

            The only whites who have this racial guilt and who say “I’m against white privilege” are these super educated progressive types who’ve never had to earn anything in their life. Their daddy or grandpa had money and just handed it to them, so these whites feel guilty about that. And,instead of these liberal whites who feel guilty about being white, they make other normal whites have to pay the price for it.

          • Sparky Flinstone

            this guy is a fool! lol

          • tetra ware

            This is my Granddad grew up dirt poor and was one of those liberals you so despise. He “objected to having his biracial children squander their talents in underfunded and decrepit schools in Black neighborhoods.” Someone definitely should feel guilty these same “rich” white people you allude to that are the products of white privilege have taken on the sins of their fathers. My Grandfather, an immigrant, did not have to do so but he saw a great injustice happening, not just blacks but poor whites were being robbed and pitted against each other all for the sake of money. There isn’t enough to go around because the slice of pie you or I are privy to is incredibly small and the roadblocks to success are pieces of legislation like the one mentioned above and while you as a non readily identifiable ethnic person or white don’t seem affected on the surface in truth when the rights of any citizen are eroded it demeans and perverts the purpose of our constitutional rights.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            I’m one of those caucazoidally-hued marijuana users, helps my arthritis, fibromyalgia and depression. I kinda want to appologize for idiots like that, but as I have no control over what stupid people say, be they in the same race as I am or not, I say “Fukk those @$$holes, you can’t fix stupid and it’s not my job to police it either!”

            caucazoidally, I like that..

          • LIMD

            I’m not saying all blacks are criminals, so I agree with you there. However, the reason why I think the blacks who are in prison deserve to be there, for the most part, is because of the simple fact your neighborhoods and communities are full of crime, gangs, mismangement, single mothers, etc.

          • Arthur McDonald

            Oh, come around those often?

          • Sparky Flinstone

            listen here weirdo…. they just gave a white racist judge 28 years along with some corrupt cops for railroading hundreds of minorities and giving them unfair sentences in exchange for millions under the table. They’re not the only ones they just got exposed but the truth is the entire system is corrupt and thrives off the poverty strategically engineered in inner cities. Without so called crime half of you creeps would be out of work looking for new jobs… gangs? fagot white guys that wore sheets on their head were the first gang bangers, soft donut eating pigs are a gang.. don’t tell me about gangs because u are even in a gang, the clown town gang… get your punk ass outta here

        • Klarque Garrison

          I’m with Lesa, that was truly one of the most ignorant statements of all time (and I mean ALL TIME). Not even the “Clan” have been caught making such a stupid statement. Thanks so much WildWally….you made my day! Also, will people stop asking “So you want to change the Constitution”… Here a footnote…an Amendment… is a change or addition (look up your definition). So, by my count the “Constitution” has been changed 27 times. Oh and now “Corporations” are people…. Please pick up a book and start reading people.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            Ha, I made that point about amendments myself before I saw your post, GMTA, huh?

        • Bill Davis

          Ńo dumb dumb, the majority of prisoners in America are white males. You’ve been lied to for decades…those thousands of white serial killers committed previous crimes they were not given jail time and allowed to grow into the violent animals they became. The court system has always been lenient to whites….lynch a black man not guilty, shoot a black teen not guilty. The opposite is true for blacks. Look at a white woman death penalty and so on…

        • minakins

          more black people commit more crimes because they’re born into very bad settings caused by our friends in the white house. it’s not a thing about race that gets them thrown in there it’s a thing about the lives they’re forced into. then there’s the fact that the authorities are much harsher on black people.

          • Jan Downs

            Whoa nelly! Now that was some racist bullshit right there. Black people do not commit more crime that whites. It is mathematically impossible.

          • asdf

            Per capita they do,yes. Blacks are only 12% of our population, yet commit more than 50% of all violent crime. The other half might be whites for drug offenses and Mexicans and Middle Easterners who the govt classifies as ‘white.’

            More proof? Look at your average black area today, whether it’s detroit, chicago, east la,compton, etc. Blacks are in gangs and killing each other left and right. That’s why they are “convicted more”

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            More black people get convicted of them, not commit them.

          • asdf

            Black people commit more and thus get convicted of crimes more, duh. The word ‘racist’ was coined in Communist Russia by Leon Trotsy to browbeat the Russians into accepting communism over nationalism. The Russians who were marked as ‘racists’ were the first to be executed.

          • asdf

            Blacks commit crimes because that’s the nature. Blacks are incompetent at building or maintaining a first-rate civilization. That’s when the Roman Empire and Egyptian Civilization and South Africa went downhill was when they started becoming multi racial and such. Black males are violent whether they’re in America or Europe or China or Mexico or Afghanistan. That’s why people the world over don’t trust blacks and don’t want to live around them.

            If poverty causes crime, explain to me why whites during the 30s werent out causing mayhem and violence left and right? Why aren’t whites in the Appalcahians–many of them poor–committing crimes and causing mischief?

        • Jan Downs

          Well aren’t you just a racist piece of shit?

        • Rebecca Anne Inkster

          Ahh, the racist douchebag demographic rears it’s head full of ugly stupidity…

        • wir

          When people say “blacks are unfairly put in prison more” I say look at the black neighborhoods. They are full of crime. That is why blacks are in prison more than whites. The system is actually more against white males than against blacks,women or people with Spanish names, etc. This is another way for liberals and blacks to blame their failures on others.

        • Barry Fitzgerald

          What does connit mean? Which race commits the most crimes is not the question. It should be which race gets blamed for most of the crimes.

        • Music for Kids

          You might want to recheck your statistics there, buddy. Because, no.

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster


    • Pete Ludwig

      You are conflating slavery with racism, not the article. Pushing longer sentences and using live human beings as locked up, not free to go pawns in this game is indeed slavery. Another solid point to make here – these contracts should at most cover expenses, not profit. If someone wants their investment protected that is understandable. If they want their full profit stream covered in this industry without regard to proper sentencing then that is reprehensible and extremely poor negotiating on the part of the states, to the point where collusion has to be strongly considered.

      • Sparky Flinstone

        Good comment Pete – however as far as Blacks who came here based on slavery — slavery and racism will always be intertwined

        • Jan Downs


        • adsf

          So what about when black pirates from North Africa raided and rounded up some 1 million Europeans and sold them as slaves to Muslims? What about when the Romans subjugated British, French and German people to be slaves? What about the fact that the word ‘slave’ comes from the Slavic European people?

    • J

      slavery has nothing to do with racism

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster

        Except that almost ALL slavery has been and is done by one race to another.

        • asdfa

          Not true at all. Where are you getting your facts from? Your loony hippie professors who are 70 going on 18 now? Slavery has been around since the beginning of time and all races were either slaveowners or slaves themselves at one point. Your posts here are nothing but white liberal nonsense.

    • Medusa777ful

      You must be an investor in prisons you bastard!

      • truth

        Irish slaves were treated worse than any slave throughout modern history. We only think that Africans were used as slaves because that’s what we were taught. Irish husbands had to watch as their families were torn from them, forced into slavery, forced to mate with the black slaves to create the mulatto (the perfect slave) and raped by slave owners. That is just the beginning. So in reality slavery is not a race issue.

        • Jan Downs

          Just put the crack pipe down and step away, crazy person.

        • Arthur McDonald

          The English saw it that way…that’s why they treated the Irish so harshly also. Now not saying they weren’t treated bad, but the difference is that here in America, it would be much easier for an Irishman to change his first or last name and be under the radar, than it would be for an African man to slip through as a free man. I don’t think that the system of slavery took into account that some groups that they wanted to shit on would be able to just change their name, but blacks don’t have that luxury.
          Granted, I know what you’re saying and you’re right, but what you just described was the EXACT same thing that happened to African families abroad and in the west. Slavery is a power and money issue, but someone has to not be allowed to have it in order for it to work. If you make race an issue, thus playing on the visual differences of the people, then another more “powerful” group can succeed in this evil.

        • Rebecca Anne Inkster

          Well, in that scenario, the Irish were looked upon as less than human by their captors, thus they thought them a different race of being. Race doesn’t have to mean being a different color. We’re ALL members of the human race, we specifically call ourselves that to differentiate ourselves from non-humans.

          • Rebecca Anne Inkster

            Slavery may not be 100% racial, but the two are intrinsically linked.

          • asd

            “We’re ALL members of the human race” Oh, this coming from the same woman on this page who constantly berates whites and blames whites for all the evils of the world? Suddenly ‘race is a social construct’ and yet at the same time ‘we’re all the same.’ Which is it?

    • Anthony C Williams

      If there is a quota for these private prisons, guess who they are going to fill them with? Certainly not white men, thus the parallel to slavery. What’s the difference between black men who were treated like commodities during slavery and the treatment of black and brown men as commodities for the private prison system today? Just like people were outraged about quotas in the job market and for admissions for college. There should be outrage about setting quotas for filling prisons.

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster

        POOR whites will be used to fill the gaps, because racist greedy billionaires hate the poor too, just a FAR lesser amount of poor whites than non-whites because it IS only the poor whites that tend to be targeted, while the system harasses non-whites regardless of financial status, because hey, why stop being a racist dick just because the option to stop is there, right?

    • BrickCityBully

      Cut it the fuck out with that race card shit. What the fuck is the race card compared to white people controlling the whole deck of cards? You white people get on my fucking nerves with that shit, when you all know in this country, everything is based upon race. White people want to use race when it’s convenient to them. That race card thing is old tired and full of bullshit.

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster

        I’m poor and white. And yes, I DO have it unfairly easier in life because of my race, especially in this country. I know this is absolutely a fact, though I DO know that I have NO fukking idea by how MUCH because of the very unfair advantages in question, but the same assholes make sure *I* don’t control shit either! I fully admit that I have a LOT of things automatically easier because I’m white. I think it sucks, but at least I’m self-aware enough to realize that it happens and am opposed to it, and I’ll keep trying to change what I can whenever possible. It’s not much, but it’s what I got, if that’s not enough…sorry man, I’m trying…

    • Bill Davis

      The same tactics used during slavery are used by the Judicial system against minorities today. Brown and black youth are jailed for minor crimes while white kids doing the same thing serve no time. If you think Justice in America is color blind then you mist he blind.

    • minakins

      although the article mentions race it has nothing to do with it. when they say modern day slavery they just mean prisoners in general.

    • Sparky Flinstone

      GTFOHWTBS white folks always playing dumb… the race card is a crackers favorite card and has been since they bought black people to America! I love how certain people want to act like what is blatantly happening to criminalize and marginalize a certain segment of society to put inside of jails while the other segment benefits — funny thing is WHITE people use more drugs than anybody, also NOBODY is more criminal minded than some WHITE people however, dumb BLACK people believe stupid idiots like you… too many Negroes wanna be good to the white master and hope master will show them favor.. Field niggers like me are a crackers worst nightmare

    • Truth

      Race card? Read White Cargo. Irish families were treated horribly by slave owners. Its a forgotten piece of history.

    • truthseeker

      Do you know where the American police force came into being and why, originally they were Slave hunters, the word Officer is a perversion of the word “Overseer” has the truth really been so very omitted from you?

      What you call race card is people, My father and his and his and his and instead of LISTEN, something in you takes a high platform and dismiss that which you couldn’t possibly know. Yes and further the first Capital in Capitalism were Africans, Humans, today you hear the race card and cannot fathom what you hear from us is a parallel until at last you are Chattel as well, blaming 13 percent of the population for your shortcomings and ills. Suddenly your children are expendable and “Serve and Protect” overwhelmingly becomes apparent it means property and State and not your childrens lives.

      What you dismiss in a comfortable category of “Race Card” is actually a Harbinger and you will deny and respond with cognitive dissonance until you are reduced and then finally, you will understand.

    • Rebecca Anne Inkster

      Black and latino males make up about 80% of people in our prisons for simple drug possession despite not being anywhere NEAR that high of a percentage of the total population in this country that use drugs. Often for just marijuana. Would you consider THAT as racism inherent to the system, or does the systematic targeting and conviction of non-whites for possession vastly outnumbering whites targeted despite no real greater amount of drug use comparitively found not count so you can have your “angry white guy bitching that people DARE point out that racism against non-whites is still an epidemic in our country” moment? Putting people in bondage for profit is slavery, you are effectively owning their life.

    • Manta

      Slavery is alive and well only now they make the chains out of money!

    • Marly Duran

      Any time you are talking about prison reform in America, whether state, federal or private for-profit prisons, racism is part of the trouble and it’s a Huge part. The conviction rates for people of color are higher than for whites and very disproportionate to the population ratio. There is a lot of information on the internet that will clearly show this along with truly heartbreaking real cases. As much as some of us want to pretend we’re done with racism in this country, ignoring the truth doesn’t help anyone. Mother Jones has some good articles & so does this site.

    • Donnie Maillet

      hey dumdum, slavery doesn’t state or imply race of any kind. just because america had black slaves doesn’t mean “modern day form of slavery” is a racist term. they don’t only incarcerate black people.

    • wirbiw

      Blacks are in prison because they commit more crimes. If you want proof, look at the average black neighborhood today. Full of violent crime, no fathers in the home, welfare mothers, their cities/neighborhoods are mismanaged, etc.

    • Betty Eyer

      There is no race card. And NEWSFLASH. Slavery does not just happen to black people.

      In fact, way more blacks are incarcerated than whites. They get harsher sentences for the same crime and are more likely to be found guilty in the first place.

    • Akhilles1911

      Paul, this mass incarceration is a system that locks people not only behind bars in actual prisons, but also behind virtual bars and virtual walls, walls that are invisible to the naked eye but function just as effectively as Jim Crow laws once did. Once released, former prisoners enter a hidden underworld of legalized discrimination and permanent social exclusion. The Race Card??? Yeah you are right, there’s no race card involved. There’s no media over-sensationalization of “America’s Boogeyman”, there’s no over policing of “certain” neighborhoods”, there’s no disproportionate sentencing rates between one set of citizens as opposed to another, there’s no judges selling a certain set of youthful citizens to the prison system to keep them full……..Nope no race card!!!

    • juan marrero

      Slavery was not about race when it first started, it was about color. The Color green. Slavery does not mean racism it means slavery.

    • Ezekiel Logan

      Paul you’re an oblivious rural sack of testicle sh i t. You know nothing because your disease is denial. You live with the moose, you kill whitey by mass geese hunting and you sleep with your dogs. What the hell do you know about anything politically with absolutely no exposure or compassion for anything beyond your own preschool life experiences.

  • Everybody Crazy

    Yes it is racist, how else could you explain the prison population being 35% Black males? illusion of integration, racist laws, unequal opportunity employment. This is what happens when racist ass Kkkrakkkas economically lynch you. Kkkrakkkas control all the world economic resources, They control Gold, Oil and Diamonds. I call them Kkkrakkkas because they are willing to uphold White Supremacy. Their actions show that they don’t believe in equality. Then some of them even have the nerve to invent another race (you know that Jewish bullshit) They are stealing the economic resources in Africa. Don’t tell me no bullshit about it is just the Elites. Regular Kkkrakkkas are guilty too. They don’t speak up for the wrong doing of their forefathers and how it is currently affecting society because they don’t want to lose their White Privilege. Racist ass Kkkrakkkas flood the ghettos with guns and drugs, then they try to run and hide like they don’t know how the shit got into the ghetto. hahaha…fuckouttahere. Then they create laws for the fucked up shit that they did but the ghetto has to serve the time for it. How the fuck does that work? Kkkrakkkas would react violently if they were in our position or even felt like they may lose their economic footing…don’t believe…just look at what happened to Black Wall Street.

    • Mike

      Da Racist KKKrakkas flood da white rural areas and, suburbs wid more guns than you could imagine, yet da white KKrakkas don’t be shootin each other with the same intensity or numbers as da ghetto bruthas do. Da gun magazines don’t have many bruthas in them, just lot’s of KKKrakkas who like da guns and, ammo and, have made the AR-15 the hottest selling rifle in Da USA. Glock and, copycats too. So why can da whide kkrakkas control themselves, but da bruthas can’t? And what did white privledge? You think all people should be slaves to the elite and, if some are not, dey get a privilege? Maybe what dey got is normal and, what you ain’t got is abnormal? It ain’t privilege to live a normal life.

      • Sparky Flinstone

        put them crackers in poverty and oppression down in the hood Mike and lets see how long them honkeys act normal

        • Daynebry

          Now that is Funny Sparky. Well played, sir!

    • Rebecca Anne Inkster

      We don’t ALL suck, yeah, a hell of a lot, but not all… The assholes running everything and raking in the profits of the biased system that lets them reap the rewards of their greed by all too often victimizing other races/cultures/gender/sexual orientations and the poor in this country do, but some of us ARE trying to be better than that, it’s just the vast numbers of willfully ignorant oblivious dumbshits blinded by white and/or wealthy privilege and disturbingly comforted by prejudiced ideas of what reality is that we have to get rid of! Until we too are harassed, imprisoned and/or killed for just being our race, until we are, again, all too often kept poor and uneducated by a system biased against us and designed to see us as the enemy for the color of our skin, that kind of ignorance and self-delusion will remain all too common.

    • man

      You KKKrazy.

    • Otto

      Where’s my gold, oil & diamonds?

  • Thandie Daniella Dowery

    You’ve referred to men of colour as boys. That sort of nullifies your article. They’re not “boys” they’re MEN, Mr. Shropshire.

    • gomisfitgo

      I believe he meant that they are very young men who are being sent to prison for petty crimes for large sentences.

  • pduggie

    This article is filled with FUD.

    started bold: prisons are suing! “audacity”, “face their wrath” “Strict penalties”

    sounds awful. Then the article says well, they have contracts, and that’s how the contracts are written. wow. And there isn’t any evidence any prison has sued. Which if they did would be for breaking a contract! Suing for breaking a contract! the audacity of them!

    There is a supposition that obviously the prisons are nefariously putting subtle pressure on public servants like judges and cops to sentence tougher. But NO EVIDENCE this is happening.

    Incarceration is actually going down all over the USA (it’s way too high still, but its dropping. So IF the prisons are lobbying, which they actually deny, they’re doing a lousy job of it.

    “Even those who do not subscribe to conspiracy theories have looked askance at this shocking report.” nuff said.

    • Arthur McDonald

      If you want evidence, talk to ex prisoners and hear their side.

      • pduggie

        Ex prisoners have evidence that for profit prisons are involved in political lobbying? I very much doubt that.

        • Arthur McDonald

          Well, I seriously doubt that the head administrators of these for profit prisons would be quick to disclose any information supporting that idea…so who else would one really speak to otherwise? In reality, we’re all here just arguing over theory

          • pduggie

            I’m arguing over a news article with unsourced claims.

    • MaineShark

      Not all contracts are legal. A contract term which requires that someone else’s civil rights be violated in order to satisfy that term is not permissible.

      If I give a Realtor a list of properties I want to purchase, and we make a contract that he will go and buy them from the current owners, I can’t then sue him for failing to do so, because some owners were unwilling to sell. “You should have hired thugs and terrorized them into selling!” is not a valid argument in court.

      “You need to send folks to prison who don’t belong there, just to fill our cells” is not a valid argument, either.

      As far as your claim regarding lobbying, a simple web search for “private prison lobbying” will find hundreds of articles. Including sources (since campaign contributions are public record). And we’re talking tens of millions of dollars, not chump change. Again, as a matter of public record, not anyone’s crazy conspiracy theory. But you are right about one thing: they are not putting “subtle pressure” on anyone – they are outright paying politicians to fill their prisons with folks who don’t deserve to be there.

      • pduggie

        Your analogy does not seem to match the contracts. If you contract with a realtor to buy 90% of the properties on the list, or pay you a penalty, and he agrees, then if he fails to buy the properties AND fails to pay the penalty then you sue him. That’s the analogy to the contracts.

        Many of the articles found that way are as FUD filled as this article. I’ve dug deeper and the quantity of lobbying does not seem excessive, nor is there any clear evidence that the lobbying made for harsher laws. Much of the lobbying was “we’d like to exist” simpliciter.

        As I said, incarceration is actually falling. So….

        • MaineShark

          And if he’d already bought all of the properties that could be purchased from willing sellers, such that there was no way to fulfil the contract without violating anyone’s rights, the judge would throw out your lawsuit, because he’d done as much as was legally- and morally-possible to achieve the goal.

          Your personal opinion on what qualifies as “excessive” lobbying is meaningless. The fact that the money is going to candidates who promise to pass “harsher laws” belies your claim regarding the type of lobbying.

    • Karlos Coleman

      Thank you for making a senceable argument. I will the get #NoAgenda Team right on it!

  • UsedtoBE

    I’d bet Indiana set the standard for this a long time ago. The GOP here seem to be the leaders for the 1% in “I’ve got mine. Sc%ew you!”

  • John W Knapp

    That is incredible; private prison need to be outlawed. The right purpose of a prison is to punish crime; not to trump of charges to fill their beds. I wrote a song, “Cops & Robbers” much in mind with Aaron Rabold, whom to our best understanding was never guilty, served 10 years already in a private for profit prison, SCI Waymart.

  • David Steelman

    Get a list of the investors of these companie’s. I see to recall a few years back there was a public official that was an investor in CCA and with his/her job duties in the justice system would be a definite conflict of interest. It seems it was either Citrus or Pasco County in Florida. Anyone that can find said info please reply.

  • guy johnson

    “black and brown boys?”..give me a break. I worked over 20 years in corrections and those black and brown boys, along with many other colors are there because they chose a life of crime. “White owned” what the hell is that suppose to mean? Would a black or brown owned prison be any different? I seriously doubt it. You’re throwing race into the mix where it doesn’t belong.

    • Klarque Garrison

      spoken like a non black or brown boy person!!! Love it~! I’d love to see how this would play out if we were in an all African-American owned and operated Country and Whites were stock piling the prisons…. I guess I’d be pretty blase fair about the whole thing too…. I can hear it now, You whites need to stop pulling the race card every time we kick your asses! Shoot we only enslaved you for 400 years Jeezh can you people get over it already???

      • WhiteAF

        What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t enslave anyone! I went to jail last Friday night for crossing the street on my bike. The deputy that treated me the worst in there was black. Race has no place in this discussion. End of story.

  • P.

    Could you sign and share my petition on trying to bring attention to the dangerous private prisons operating here in Mississippi with NO oversight. Everything from numerous inmate deaths/suicides to numerous staff assaults and an officer being killed to numerous guns being found in the cells of inmates. NO MEDIA COVERAGE….

  • FDS

    prisons are nothing but legal slavery, if the inmates refuse to work
    for pennies, then they get thrown into the hole. I say let them lose
    money, since they do nothing to reform the inmates….

  • Fabio Cecin

    Prisons as punishment — punishment for anything — is sheer lunacy. Prisons should be devices to isolate physically violent people, and only while they are a physical threat. That would probably eliminate the necessity for most prisons, which could then be dismantled.

    • Sparky Flinstone

      I agree!!!! Fact is most people in prison are there for NON – VIOLENT crimes!

  • aaronchuck

    Terry Shropshire, where are your source materials? This is way too big and complex and an issue for such a small write up that also includes ZERO source material. Where do these “facts” and numbers come from?
    I’m not saying I don’t believe you but you cannot write something like this and give it such a short shrift.
    Incredibly poor article.

  • cotoole

    Why has race even been mentioned in this article?

  • aallensr

    The African-Americans in this discussion are missing a very important point. We’ve known forever that the criminal justice system in America is stacked against us. Slavery was a legal condition for African-Americans before it was abolished. The only way an African-American could not be a slave was to buy or be granted his freedom by his owner. The prison system is optional. In most cases, one has to “commit” , or be suspected of committing, a crime to enter into it. To place the blame for so many of us being in prison solely on the “system” is to relieve us of our responsibility to teach our youth to be law-abiding citizens. Just as we would teach them that you don’t swim in the shark-infested ocean with a bleeding cut, they can’t be committing crimes without going to jail. Growing up in south Ga. where they used the “chain gang” to work on the roads, every time we passed a work crew, my parents would stress to my brothers and I that this would be our fate if we broke the law. Sadly to say, I don’t see in this discussion any references to us finding ways to keep our people out of the system. As the old folks used to say, “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”.

  • vi

    It makes sense to see that my state is among the ones listed as having the 100% occupancy clause. Oklahoma is a terrible state to get in any trouble in. And they will make sure you do the time!!

  • ChainUp

    Only in corporate-owned America.

  • Guest from Indianapolis

    What part of the word EXCEPT do you not understand?
    Privatized prisons in the United States
    make very good use of this exception clause.

    Our 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in part reads: “Neither slavery nor
    involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall
    have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

  • Kara Oneil

    I don’t understand why they had to include “white” in this headline. Like being white is a bad thing in todays world. Its not a bad thing. However, there should be no such thing as a private prison. If there is, there should be no such thing as a contract, or occupancy requirements. So, if you have this contract, you want more money, you add on, and then if it doesn’t fill you sue the taxpayers? Although, you are making money off us in the first place. Wow.

  • Deep Hurting

    Sentence the owners of the prison corporations to serve 20 years in their own prisons. Problem solved, and poetically so!

  • Nina Courtney

    Private prisons are in business for one thing, and that is to make money. They make money by entering into very lucrative contracts with state governments. The politicians then enact tough on crime laws that keep the prison population high to fill prison space. If the states lawyers allow its client, the state to enter into a contract with a liquidated damage clause like this we the tax payer better start making it clear to CDCR that the tax payer is not going to pay for it. How? By demanding sentence reform, by demanding that mental illness and addiction is a health issue not a criminal one. If the state can’t fulfill it’s contractual obligations, then the private prisons don’t make money, and maybe they will go away.

  • Jim Jones

    Why not start rounding up the criminals on Wall Street who destroyed the economy? Obviously there’s plenty of space available for them and it might encourage other to not lie, cheat and steal.

  • cookie

    When has it ever been about anything except money. The so called elites are just about control and money. That is their god, as worthless as the paper it is printed on.

  • Richard Priebe

    lol this is funny how many of these private prisons do judges have stock in ?

  • Lapierre

    We have to be careful about any racial issues.Why? I think our government could benefit from a race war. We do have a 500 year history of oppressing people of color and all women.

  • jj153

    Crime pays

  • Harold Dyck

    Ah, yes. One of The U.S.’s major growth industries. The ideal situation for private prison corporations: 80% of the working age population (from juvenile on up) in prison performing cheap labour for other corporations, and the remaining 20% working as prison guards and administratorsaccountants. Isn’t American style capitalism wonderful.

  • Marly Duran

    Mandatory sentencing minimums don’t work like people hoped they would and they should be repealed or overturned or whatever needs to be done to get rid of them. Prisons that are making money are an awful idea. If you were going to run a prison cheaper than the state to make money, what do you think would have to happen for that to work for you? You’d have to cut costs and if you were the type of person who would run these places, I guess you wouldn’t care about anyone but yourself and you wouldn’t care who suffered. Granted, there are some prisoners I hope are suffering, but the rest are actual people~ possibly someone you know~ in there for crimes that don’t merit being treated inhumanely for. Mandatory Sentencing + For-Profit-Prisons =BAD IDEA.

  • Thomas Main

    “Meanwhile the DEA
    Teamed up with the CCA
    They tryna lock niggas up
    They tryna make new slaves
    See that’s that privately owned prison
    Get your piece today
    They prolly all in the Hamptons
    Braggin’ ’bout what they made”- Kanye

  • Bryan DiMicelli

    I’m about to read this article and then I see it says ‘ white-owned prisons’? Look privatized prison is wrong, no matter who owns it or who’s in it. I would be offended at the idea no matter who runs the place, so why even say something like that?

  • Paul Rainwater

    As the Republicans are so fond of saying “Let the free market forces to determine how resources are used” idiots “In Colorado, Democratic Gov. John Hinklooper agreed to close down five state-run prisons and instead send inmates to CCA’s three corrections facilities. That cost taxpayers at least $2 million to maintain the unused facilities.”

  • Zach Wallace

    Land of the free? No, more like land of the incarcerated. It is intrinsically American for some rich assholes to capitalize off of the imprisonment of others. Ah, capitalism at its finest.

    America is far from free. It is, however, heavily corrupt. Freedom is an illusion. Independence is a fallacy.

  • uknowwww

    this ‘prison’ is in hardin, montana and it never has been opened so therefor this picture is irrelevant to article.

  • mick

    are you shitting me ? what the hell is wrong with your country ?

  • John Cross

    If I could inject a little known fact into the racial debate here, in the 1950s the ratio of prisoners in the Federal and State prison systems was overwhelmingly white–roughly parallel with their ration in the general population. Now it is about 25%, or less than half their ratio in the general population. 75% of prisoners are now Black or Hispanic. Now, what explains this? IMHO it is due to the prison system being used to maintain the system of Jim Crow in a legal form. How is this done? Primarily by the excess of policing in minority neighborhoods. For example, drug use is more or less equal across racial lines, however if you are in a minority area you are much more likely to be stopped and searched, and thus the drugs found. Not so much at Princeton U.

  • JT

    …”devouring hundreds of thousands of black and brown boys.” Hehe…

  • DJBloodDiamonD

    This is so fucking stupid. I do not see one credible source on here. Yeah I’m sure they are really in depth with their research.

  • StoneAge

    They are not getting away with anything, they are only requiring that the contracts already entered into are adhered to. One more reason why for profit prison systems are a sham. Are the prisoners a commodity and cattle? Well.. Ask Sheriff Joe. He makes his inmates stay in tents and do hard labour. wear pink clothing and be conspicuous. If the prisoners don’t like it – DON’t COME BACK.

    Prisons for profit ensure that crime is a growth business. Anyone that said there wasn’t any money in crime was looking at it from the wrong perspective.

    If I were a state in this position, I would adhere to the contract because it is the law to do so. But the contract would NOT be renewed and the for profit system would be eliminated.

    And every prison run like Sheriff Joe’s.

    Really – make it an uncomfortable place to be and they may NOT come back.

    Most of the inmates in the USA today are more a health issue than a real crime. But the state has to fulfil it’s obligations under the contract… Taxpayers be damned.

    • Accipiter

      Do you have any idea how EASY it is to get sent to prison? These prisoners aren’t just rapists and murderers – they’re one-time drug users, or someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or someone who did something that a cop was ‘alarmed’ by and charged with a crime. No sane person WANTS to go to prison, and the majority of us break laws every day. Have you driven even 1 mph over the speed limit lately? Have you crossed the road anywhere there wasn’t a crosswalk? Would you feel you deserve to go to prison for that?

      • StoneAge

        Yes, I do – One reason I don’t spend any time in the USA. They have taken your freedom and sold it for a $. Not a free country in my opinion, yet everyone out there says it’s the freest on earth. I think China has more freedom than a US citizen these days.

        You are right, of course. But contract law is contract law. I don’t agree with the contracts, but they signed them – YOU put them in office. Ummm…. There is a way to fix it, but voting isn’t one. I think that has been proven in the last 5 or 6 presidencies. Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

        How do you change it? I don’t know Not operating a prison for profit??? That would make more sense.

  • P.

    Could you please sign and share my petition to bring attention to the dangerous private prisons operating here in Mississippi (without any oversight at the local, state and federal level)

  • Betty Eyer

    Who could have imagined that prisons for profit could lead to corruption? Um. Anybody with a lick of sense??

  • Justin

    Poor journalism. You should really source your articles. Here’s a link for anyone interested in where this article is getting its information:

  • Michael

    Let’s also blame the local governments for signing those contracts!

  • deedee2die4

    Prison Industrial Complex makes for more people incarcerated. The poorer, the darker, the more likely to get locked up..

  • SuziQ

    It’s not just, “black and brown boys”.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Disgusting. I noticed that CCA’s stock is $33 a share. THAT’S why these morons haven’t been shut down. And I bet they never will be. Really sad that criminal justice is truly just a big business these days. Something needs to change.

  • James Weaver

    The answer is simple. Fill the prisons with the management of these prisons…….they are ripping off America and all of it’s citizens.

  • GeneralSoreness

    hmmmmm I bet they don’t care what you look like either…. as long as you’re broke a** can’t afford a good lawyer

  • wiseoldsnail

    this is criminal for our supposed representatives and government employees to sign such contracts which are directly against the safety and welfare and will of the people

  • Gloria

    Lets petition against it. Who says we have to pay for the prisons that are empty? We pay enough taxes as it is. Now we have to pay for empty prisons too? Let the prisoners that are there work for what they get from the government. I mean really work. Not a chain gang, but a job that will teach them a trade so if and when they come out of prison they can either continue to work or open their own business and earn a decent living. What’s wrong with that? We have to work to survive. Why can’t they do it too? I’m sure there are many men and women in prison that are very creative, they could design clothing, shoes, cars, become cooks, etc. And what ever they sell they can pay for their keep and get a percentage so when they leave they can start anew. Instead of going back to crime and having to end up in jail again, in the vicious circle that is what is waiting for them out here. without anything to show or look forward to. I may sound crazy, but that is how I feel, and so I am speaking out my thoughts. Maybe not all prisoners can be taught, but some can, and should. For their sakes and for ours too. Why waste our money in just keeping them in cages like animals. That is what comes out of jail.

  • Reason

    Either you want big government or you don’t, privatized long term storage is not a bad thing, The only time a capacity requirement becomes an issue is when there are too many facilities on the system. Im just curious, it costs taxpayers $2M/year to maintain 5 unused prison facilities….how much to maintain 5 active facilities? (I’m no expert, but it would seem you could always put your own stipulations on a contract)

  • Scott Freebass

    There’s a great book called “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander. I suggest everyone commenting here go read that book if you haven’t already and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    • Ernest Brown

      which is an absolute lie. we hav more in college than inajil.

  • Estella Cohen

    Tax payers seem to be paying one way or another. Through paying private prisons if not kept full or paying innocent men for being wrongfully imprisoned for decades.

  • duh

    This is precisely what happens when you privatize government programs. Duh. And why wouldn’t the privately owned prisons have quotas? They need inmates to get the economies of scale they need. While I don’t agree with sending people to prison who don’t deserve it, why does this surprise anyone with half a brain?

  • Dan Francis

    Screw them. Less crime is a good thing, so fuck these jails.

  • Russell Smith

    Prisons and Pot…………America’s biggest businesses

  • Ras Ible

    There is so much more hidden to this story it would terrify people if they knew what was really going on with the prison system in American. Last I heard, 1 in 38 Americans were either incarcerated, on probation or parole: ~ DOJ

  • Norma

    Not “White Owned”- Corporation owned!

    And you know who are on the Board of Trustees?
    Oh, look at who runs the banks, and the Fed. Reserve, and who runs the U.S. Congress!
    Who owns and runs the mass media?
    The Tribe, of course.
    Unfortunately, JUST because they’re have a white skin, doesn’t make them of that Race!
    And when the Whites are blamed for all the crimes, how the Tribe ROTFL!
    How they laugh! How they fool the world!

  • Nualaan

    The absolute worst thing possible when it comes to anything dealing with human beings, defense, emergency services, health, or infrastructure is to let a private enterprise anywhere near it.

    Letting the private sector handle these things invites incompetence, terrible service, severe abuse, lack of proper training, soaring costs, inefficiency, waste of tax dollars, graft, corruption, and gross negligence.

  • Your1Friend

    Private prisons must be terminated.
    Private prisons have no redeeming value.
    Private prisons are an affront to America, American ideals, and the American people.

  • Harley

    First read the following book, then visit my facebook note, and learn along with me, and together we can make the world a better place:
    – The Greatest Story Never Told (

  • Morgan Sheridan

    The arrangements for these private prisons were due to states buying into privatization and selling off their assets and helpful legislation coached by ALEC who, not so coincidentally, counts some of the private prison companies like Wackenhut among their sustaining and contributing members.

  • Joe

    I’ve got a couple of ideas. #1 if any of these yahoos did sue, a judge with a real set of kahunas can tell the private prisons to shove off and not just keep the prisons full for them. The private prisons out to make a buck actually make the justice system move backward instead of forward. That said, I have a great way to keep the counts up. lock up those running the private prisons in their own facilities – problem solved

  • Amanda

    Whilst the apex point of this report rings true… yet alarming, I do not like nor agree with the reporters use of “black and brown”. The victimization these systems impose spans the racial gap. There are proportionately as many “whites, yellow and reds” in these facilities as well. No one (or two) colors are being singled out….you, writer/reporter, have My ire, criticism. Your headline was good, but the moment that you started pointing out colors it all went badly.

  • garry lafferty

    Privatize prison a form of fascism . Wealthy get there’s at tax payer expense. State and federal prisons no stock holders and Corp. Fascism. Unjust laws to black potheads. Can I say that? Profit motive. No expert LOGIC

  • fedup Federal prosecutors accused Ciavarella and a second judge, Michael Conahan, of taking more than $2 million in bribes from the builder of the PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care detention centers and extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the facilities’ co-owner. They will Hold us Hostage .. Stop this NOW

  • Faith Onowhakpo-okpovie

    They need the workers

  • Jose Maldonado

    They have been at that for a very long time and i have never heard about it in the

  • Kenneth Matlock

    Cocksuckers… that is all…

  • MikeParent

    Name on great society that was known for their penal system. The 800% increase in prison population is testament to the morally bankrupt system the politicians and the Prison for Profit Industry contrived.

  • Nyby Leopoldkeisari El Budisti

    Even tough I know the situation is fucked up in the U.S, I still want to see some sources, or am I blind?

  • Philip Marinakos

    How the hell are they supposed to fill prisons when Obama the Merciful keeps setting them free?

  • matty black

    “Black and brown boys”? This is a war on class, not race. What will it take for you to realize that the problem has evolved?

  • razer

    This publication has something to say but you are not credible when you use propaganda techniques like labeling “for white-owned private prisons” , appeal to prejudice “for white-owned private prisons” and demonizing. I will try to help. Avoid this definition … “Propaganda is neutrally defined as a
    systematic form of purposeful persuasion that attempts to influence the
    emotions, attitudes, opinions, and actions of specified target audiences for
    ideological, political or commercial purposes through the controlled
    transmission of one-sided messages (which may or may not be factual) via mass
    and direct media channels.”

  • Guest

    i own stock in cca so who cares . as long as I mkae money keep filling them up

  • inkyjones

    i own stock in cca so i could careless . good job keeping them prisons filled up

  • Chrystal Myghty

    Fill ’em up with the evil Republican fascists who made these deals with the devil by privatizing prisons in the states they control or controlled when these contracts were made.

  • Ladi Bey

    Well the states should sue them n force them to close on the constitutional statue of slavery being abolished thus classifying prisons to be modern slave camps however the states must have a plan on effective rehabilitation of law breakers….i say ship them to an isolated island where there is no leaving until completely rehabilitates…this ensures the safety of law abiding citizens…let the troops guard the island…have spiritual retreats so that the core of their behaviors are discovered and modified through various programming methods similar to the ones used to control the masses…#solution….we have the resources and man power to employ this innovative idea

  • Peggy Mulidore

    I didn’t know there were “private prisons”. Who in the world would sign contracts like that? How would any prison even expect to be full ALL the time? You would think they would be happy that they weren’t full. Just craziness.

  • theskeptic2

    The legislators who got in bed with ‘for profit prisons’ need to be jailed…they can help fill the empty bunks.

  • Irish Lass

    Information from Two Moms on A borough was turned into the Agencies regarding electoral fraud. ARIZONA PRISONERS TIED TO KENTUCKY CANDIDATES! Yes, Candidates voter ID actually tied straight to Arizona prisoners, then after election a change of voter ID #’s occurred…and the AG wanted to know why it mattered? answer, “BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU DID NOT GET ELECTED!” We can only keep giving the information and pray that all of America starts listening. THE PRISONS ARE RUNNING THE COUNTRY!

  • Irish Lass

    how many VICTIM-LESS crimes are men and women in prison for? NO VICTIM NO CRIME! we have to join together and support the good men and women in our public servant seats and remove the corruption by removing the corrupt public servants. Our nation depends on ALL AMERICANS standing together in support of We the People and quit putting people behind bars for victim-less crimes. NO MORE PRISONS FOR PROFIT as anytime a judge or public servant of any kind has ties to such $$$ corruption will exist. Please stand together, support the honest and hard working people in office who want to rid our nation of this evil!

  • redridinghood

    Glad many are waking up to their atrocities!

  • Polly Dee

    Try to sue the State Police on a 1983, never going to happen. I researched it and can’t find one damn case that succeeded. Blame this on the Judges, if they won’t allow a person to sue corrupt cops, then they shouldn’t allow private prisons to sue the states. The judges are the contributors to this corruption.

  • snhcs

    They’re jewish owned…not white. Get it right you liar. hahahhahaha WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID THIS ON FEB 8 1920 IN NEWSPAPER IN LONDON: “In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing…and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

    There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.”

    “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”- Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).

    “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.” – David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America. (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit)

    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.” – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919

    “Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.” (The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, Count Mensdorf, 1918).

    As Napolean said of the jews “They have a creed that blesses their misdeeds and thievings”

    “The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World’s immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N.” Harold Wallace Rosenthal (Jew)

    “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?” – “Jewish Tribune of New York”, October 28, 1927

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history; grades; official appointments; passwords; and explanations, are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Isaac Wise – 1927

    “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this “New World Order,” the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” – Baruch Levy, in a letter to Karl Marx, published in “La Revue de Paris,” pg. 572 – June 1, 1928

  • snhcs

    We know who teaches their kids others are cattle. Own up to truth…the whole world knows who own the private jails….the same who own the media and hollywood and everything else they bought with illegal fiat paper money. It’s called criminals. It will all be taken back. hahahhhha

  • Gregory Howard

    Tax payers should be outraged

  • joe blow

    Fucking shocking

  • dsyeager

    where’s all the facts? Are there states with only private prisons in this scenario or is it states with a mix of private and public prisons? If it is the later then so be it.

  • Green Bines

    It would help to provide documents with this article, to make it MORE believable.

  • Aunt Mandi

    Somebody should have thought of this – maybe they are not saying.

    Its ridiculous to assume that there would be a steady and constant flow of inmates. Obviously there will be peaks and troughs, like any other business. Upcosts to the state should have been addressed as part of the contract. A good negotiator would have the corporation suck up at least part of these expenses.

    Personally, I would view a drop in inmates to be a positive. Perhaps more time should be spent on what exactly is being done right

  • sifukt

    its true and sad that this country has gone this route a reliable link below

  • Jake106

    Gotta love that obligatory “white-owned” line tossed into the headline. Nothing like continued race-baiting to get an article rolling.

  • Steven

    A simple fix to this is a fixed amount paid as a contract regardless of inmate population.

  • Brendan Miles

    The article says “The prison-industrial complex is so out of control that private prisons have the sheer audacity to order states to keep beds full or face their wrath with stiff financial penalties, according to reports” What reports? If it’s in the contract so be it – if not it’s BS. If the census gets low simply transfer from local jails – will help out the counties.. Besides the private prisons can’t order the state to do anything except abide by the % occupancy stated in the contract. Sounds a bit hyped up speech by yje author to me.

  • Steve Mason

    I don’t understand.. Don’t they pay thousands to keep each prisoner in custody? The only logical reason they’d complain about empty beds is if they were skimming off of the subsidies of each prisoner..?

  • carl56

    We should pressure shareholders to divest, employees to quit, families to picket. Make it personal. Follow shareholders around. Shame them in restaurants. Run the gamut, but avoid violence (though that’s what they certainly deserve).

  • AvangionQ

    Yes, such is the problem of money corrupting politics, which has resulted in corporate personhood laws which state that government cannot deprive corporations of profiteering, even when such causes harm … what a mad world we’ve made for ourselves … + @ 0:45

  • Nick Lee

    What’s with the underhanded racial jabs??!

    “Low crime rates bad for business for white-owned private prisons”
    “…criminal system that is devouring hundreds of thousands of black and brown boys.”

    As if the prisons are only full of black or brown people, or that every prison is owned by a white person.
    Most people is prison are white.
    I appreciate the problem being reported, but how about getting off the racism band wagon?

  • Adrienne Owens

    INSANITY!!!! And this is why police departments, prosecutors and judges are being pressed to over-arrest, push for guilty verdicts, and meet out longer sentences. Inmates = money for the prison industrial complex. No matter that innocent people are in prison, that people who commit minor non-violent crimes are being given much longer sentences, and all this is costing taxpayers way more than when prisons were government owned. And this doesn’t even include what we’re paying out to those who are being found falsely imprisoned by The Innocence Project.

  • Brian Walter

    To claim this is modern day slavery is a disgrace.

    I’m aware these contracts exist. And I’m fine with quotas. That’s what contracts are for. But to make the reach between police getting orders to arrest more people and judges getting the nudge to send them to prison is an insult to the integrity of how each profession carry themselves.

    In isolated incidents through bribes things line this have happened but to claim it’s happening on a state level and tying it to slavery is down right ignorance from far left fanatics.

  • Amy

    It’s not just “black and brown boys.” My WHITE, CAUCASIAN son is incarcerated in an Arizona private prison for bogus reasons. STOP with the race b s!

  • Mark Anderson

    WOW, if that is right the states must have inhaled before reading the contract. It’s not the states job to guarantee a private company ‘customers’ or guarantee private company business. pure and simple

  • magicx24

    Terry Shropshire might be dumbest person ever to have his writing published. Private prisons provide the state with a cost-saving alternative, how else could they be in business? Any reasonable contract between the parties would include guarantees of a minimum total payment, regardless of occupancy. The idea that more people would be convicted in order to correct a shortfall in inmate numbers has no basis in logic. The contract is paid whether the cells are full or empty. Filling the cells provides the government with no economic benefit whatsoever. I dare say that if inability to reason were a crime, Terry Shropshire would be occupying one of those cells.

  • OkinKun

    So shut them down, and turn them back into public/government-run prisons.. They have no right to sue over that. Can’t create more criminals to arrest.. America already jails more people than any other country in the world. And this private-prison bullshit is ensuring that we can’t reduce that. -_-

  • nanheyangrouchuan

    Maybe we should fill those beds with private prison employees, especially executives, and the politicians that support them.

    Kill private prison executives and investors…and drive their families and investors into the woods.

  • Bob Weil

    So wrong in so many ways! Meanwhile the anti-TPP folks are worried about ISDS?

  • Jon Davis

    Time to refurbish the older closed prisons and transfer all the prisoners in those private prisons. Then sue the companies back for crimes against humanity with the prisoners.

  • Susan Johnson

    First of all the fact that this site, obviously, does not do a very good job of editing, example ‘Real Srenght’ tells me that they are careless and such an oversight does not garner trust in their ability to give the public the facts. This claim is shocking and scary. So, give your audience links to unbiased proof so that we can read these ‘written’ documents to make an informed conclusions ourselves. Just taking your word for your accusations does not give credence. Thank you for your work just the same.

  • Johnny Reuto


  • skywryter

    Proof that unregulated capitalism inevitably leads to fascism. So, when shopping malls shut down can they sue governments for poor attendance as well? That’s all prisons are; forced attendance malls. This is starting to remind me of medieval Italy under the feudal city states.

  • skywryter

    P.S. I know this sounds CRAZY, but how about we turn those unused facilities into jobs straining centers? Homeless shelters? Storage warehouses? Walmarts?

  • justlogical1

    It’s a proven fact that most politicians lack common sense and logic. They operate based on dollar bills being stuffed in their pockets,wallets or bank accounts.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    allowing corporations to run what should only be state run was a good idea, right? lets have the welfare of prisoners, ppl that society should care least about, be taken care of the corporate scavengers whose only concern is stock price. Overcrowding, understaffed, not to mention horrid conditions just so the corporations can save a buck and look great to investors, and now they want the state to make sure they lenghten prison stays and lock more ppl up. Welcome to corporate america.

  • William Joseph Macintyre

    Well, I was very interested in this story; especially since I was incarcerated in a private prison in Oklahoma for seven years(out of an 11 year sentence) for stealing from Walmart and passing bogus checks. The only problem I have is that the report suggests that all the ‘hostages’ are of black and brown skin…. I am a White man, and I will tell you that I couldn’t count the number of Blacks and Latino men that were serving sentences that were half the time I got, and even for offenses ranging from distribution of narcotics to shooting with intent to kill/ cause bodily harm. It’s not about race folks, It is about the ability to retain counsel.

  • William Joseph Macintyre

    Do we really know that the people who own these prisons are white? Or is this just an assumption based on the racial bias of the author….. ? Well, fuck you buddy, not because you are a racist, but because you are fucking stupid. How about an honest report that states the facts instead of an insulting racially motivated slap in the face. I’ve been there and seen it, If I ever saw you on the street and you brought this argument to me I would be likely to punch you in the dicksucker!

  • Lucilius

    “Freedom” lol

  • Garry Firth

    I have a good idea ,fil the prisons with the bosses and shareholders of the prison companies

  • TJ

    This not the time for a semantics or a grammar lesson! Perhaps, if we weren’t spending all our money on the industrial war machine, Israel’s blackmail or prisons there would be for education. Thus no need for insults in ones grammar. There’s a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM to address! We are all in the same boat unless you’re part of the 1%ers which I know you’re not! And if you’re of colour you’re a bigger target for the chattel spot in a prison. So before you start pointing out someone’s grammar listen to the heart of the comment. Lest you are a stock holder of CCA!

  • TinTincognito

    By suing the states poverty-reduction programs will be cut leading to more crime.

  • Romesh O’Brien Nelson

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  • Jax Blaze

    what next ? Death Race ?

  • John Knight

    Post the signed agreements between the state and private prision owners. That should be an open document to the public. Please find and post .

  • Brian

    most posted opinions are by people who are not not stranding for anything but love to express their thoughts. Deceivingly validating your intelligence with no plan of action. Typical Americans who never benefit from any political affiliation because of their income bracket but argue about who should be president.

  • Brian


  • Biggd4355

    not a problem for red states. politicians get re-elected for being hard on crime. Even when it is petty crime and doesn’t warrant prison, they make stiffer sentences and the redneck voters eat it up.

  • Artis Suitt

    state need to run there own prisons makes no since to me to put people in jail just for money and ruin there lives it the same time

  • yaymccheeks

    So, if I understand this correctly; we’re going to use the American judicial system to help corporations traffic in human beings whose enslavement will be the financial burden of the taxpayers when there are just so many corporate executives, politicians, and cowboy seditionists who really ought to be filling those bunks.