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The Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur has everything for visitors to Mexico who want a hotel that feels huge but every room has a special view of the ocean. The architecture of the Westin Los Cabos is an impressive structure. The famous Mexican architect, Juan Sordo Madaleno, created an atmosphere that inspires guests to wonder what special transformation will occur on daily walks outside their quarters. Los Cabos is perfectly positioned with Mountain ranges matched with majestic topography that will make a stroll to the beach and back an awesome experience of regal enchantment. Wedding bells can be heard even without a ceremony due to the romantic staging the property presents with magical gardens and infinity pools calling you to pause and reflect on how special this moment is to those sharing the surroundings at the Westin.

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The three activities desks show how the adventures abound for guest residing at Westin Hotel in Los Cabos. The challenges of this destination have everything to do with the race against the vacation time clock. The property is self-sufficient but you would be missing the whole point of visiting Los Cabos. Sailing the ocean could be very tempting considering you could fish or scuba drive if you would like the notion of underwater playgrounds. Eco tourism has made zip lines and mountain climbing an option in most Latin and South American countries. A Los Cabos Destination Business Conference can please both the golf and Spa lover will find paradise waiting for you. The greens are open and well manicured. Each Spa is an Oasis of serenity and pampering.

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Los Cabos Westin has a decent menu but be sure to go into the town and sample the fare of the region. The service is typical for the area. The staff made a real effort to be friendly and very professional. Vacations at the Westin Los Cabos can be special, so go make your dreams come true.

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