Phaedra Parks becomes Xenadrine weight loss ambassador


Phaedra Parks promoting Xenadrine diet pills

In addition to promoting her Phine Body fitness DVD, Phaedra Parks is backing a line of diet pills. The housewife has officially been named the new ambassador for Xenadrine diet supplements.

A Xenadrine spokesperson says Phaedra began taking the capsules because she was “looking to get back in stunningly amazing shape” after giving birth to her second son Dylan. The pills helped the busy lawyer whittle her waist quickly and within weeks she was spotted looking slim and trim at NeNe Leakes’ wedding (below).

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Parks credits the weight loss formula with giving her an extra boost of energy for her workouts and cardio sessions and hopes it will power her through the upcoming “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.

In addition to promoting Xenadrine, Parks is reportedly preparing to stand by the side of her husband Apollo Nida when he goes to trial for bank fraud and identity theft on March 25.

-danielle canada

  1. ummm isnt that the same medication a few years ago … that killed several people due to the high caffiene in it .. . thats the medicne that causes breathing and chest pains and heart issues ,… some lady sued cause it cause her to have panic attacks that cause her to wreck her car and one man dies and wife sued … PHEDRA NEED TO SIT HER CONVICT SCHEMING WITH HER EX CON HUSBAND AZZZ DOWN … SHE IS A LAWYER AND HER … PEERS ARE TRYING TO FEEL SORRY FOR HER .. BUT AS I RECAL … SOMEONE CLAIM SHE IS REALLY THE MASTERMIND BEHIND APPOLLO CRIME BUT SINCE BRAVO AINT FIRED HER YET …. AND APPOLLO AINT CONVICTED SHE GETS A LITTLE TIME TO PLAY WITH HER PHONEY BUSINESS DEALING … I SWEAR YOU CAN LOOK AT HER AND TELL SHE IS NO GOOD … SHE NEVER SMILES .. and she appear to be constipated to look at her … .. she has descent body but who told her she was idea .. ? lo. i be so glad wen appollo is convicted then im gonna see if housewives keep ridin with the scheme … they gone ride it out with her cause she has a fan bas ….. for sure … but you all know if they kept the kardashians on with all thatbull shit.. they gone keep phedra in place until … people express discuss or phedra is put in hand cuff …THEN THERE IS NO CHOICE BUT TO AX THE FAKE SHOW

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