Unexpected beauty hacks straight from Beyoncé’s makeup artist

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Beyoncé’s makeup artist reveals how to get that A-list look without spending a fortune.

She’s one of the most beautiful entertainers in the world, with a body to match, so, it’s no surprise fans would want to replicate her flawless look.
Whether she’s performing for millions at the Super Bowl, or coolin’ aboard a yacht with daughter Blue Ivy, there’s no denying Queen Bey’s got the effortless, au naturel look down pat.

Now, her trusted makeup artist, Sir John, has revealed three unexpected beauty hacks behind the star’s perfect eyelashes — without falsies.

1. Use lengthening mascara like a primer. Wiggle a black one into the roots of your top lashes “like a toothbrush, then pull it through,” he tells Allure.

2. “I concentrate my lash game on the outer edges for a mesmeric cat-eye effect,” he continued. Achieve this look by brushing a volumizing mascara on just the outer lashes. Then, while the mascara is still wet, push your lashes up with a finger to curl them.

3. To balance the look, use a brown lengthening mascara on your bottom lashes. A light coat will do just fine. “It’ll look like black from afar, but it’s more flattering up close,” says Sir John.

The beauty guru, who worked with the 34-year-old on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour last summer, is responsible for her signature metallic gaze. According to Sir John, Yonce is a free spirit when it comes to her go-to beauty routine on tour, having previously confessed: “For shows, she let’s me wing it, and we just go with it.”

While Bey’s red carpet looks are the envy of women around the world, the Lemonade superstar previously spoke out about the pressure women feel to look beautiful 24/7. “Some of the things that young women go through, it’s just really heartbreaking for me,” she said in a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Pretty Hurts,” in 2014.

Sure, Bey’s ultra glam look may not be for everyone, but amping up your beauty routine with one of these beauty hacks is a great place to start. In the meantime, check out three times Bey nailed the lashed out look below.

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