Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris; this is not a street crime


Kim Kardashian West was joking on Twitter just 24 hours ahead of this post about the bodyguard in the background who’s always photobombing. The reality TV star was in Paris during Fashion Week and either leaving or going to Balenciaga’s runway show when she took the photo. Less than 24 hours later, she was reportedly robbed of $10 million. She was held at gunpoint in a private apartment inside a mansion in Paris on Monday, Oct. 3, near Madeleine Church.

A spokeswoman for Kardashian West said the celebrity was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” following the incident, which took place early Monday morning local time. According to the French Interior Ministry, the mother of two was locked in the bathroom while the men took two cellphones and jewelry worth millions of dollars. The men who entered the building threatened the concierge with a gun and handcuffed him. They made him open the door to the apartment where she was residing.

Authorities are reporting a ring worth an estimated $4.49M and jewelry worth about $5.6M were among the items stolen. It’s unclear where Kardashian West’s personal security was when she was staring down the barrel of the gun. The robbery quintet escaped on bikes.

Back here in the States, Kanye West was performing on Sunday at Meadows Music and Arts Festival in New York when he told fans,”I’m sorry, family emergency I have to stop the show.” He abruptly ended his set when he got the news and the NYC venue issued a statement on Twitter.screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-03-53-am

There have been no reports of injury. Kardashian West’s team is mum about whether the starlet was alone or if her family members, including her children, daughter North, 3, and 10-month-old son, Saint, were present. We have learned following the incident the family was placed under police protection at the George V Hotel after the incident.

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  • VLF
    October 3, 2016

    Renovating a house can be costly. Sounds like an insurance sham to offset the out of pocket costs.

    • suzanne_massey
      October 4, 2016

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  • nosey rosy
    October 3, 2016

    i smell a rat kimm been raised to scam and act invincible,kim been raised by desperate ,greedy mother and a passive , hen pecked
    step daddy her father would never allowed the shame kris has put on his kids and family, if not for oj they all would never made it this far ,and reality tv.. helped them also, kim is not realizing her fame and hunger will end her own childrens lives , either later as they turn to adults are .. her careless parenting putting them in the limelight , her jewlry is not as VALUABLE AS THOSE KIDS!!! remember the LYNBERG BABY KIDNAPPING?? anybody set out to do a scam will succeed if money is the motive … and bet all them will think better about running around LA even naked , and flashing rolex and rings worth million!! they irretate us cause they so naive and self obsorbed and wreckless about security BEYONCE DOES IT RIGHT KIM SHOULD TAKE A CLUE . SHE FAILED IN BELIEVEING HER SH..T DONT STINK .. she need to drop snap chat and social media or she will pay again

  • WHaleWIllie
    October 5, 2016

    DUnno ’bout any’1 else. I’Se was expectin’ da headline ta read: KIm K victim of circle jerk / bombastic bukake gone wrong! I’Se t’ink da robbery is a coverup. DA dudes pulled out d’ere junk and d’ey were bigger d’en brutha KAnye. SO she gots scared and started runnin’ round da house like a street gutta ho on some back crack!

    NEva seen million dollas myself. ON da utha hand I’Se know what its like ta lose track countin’ da pock marks due to da itchies an’ scratchies. IF I was to run inta KIm Ki I’Se be like “sho me yo t!ts and give me yo $$$”:

    REminds me o’ da time I’Se gots back stage passes fo CHris ROck an’ maself fo CElebrity FAmily FUed. CAst of FAt ALbert vs da cast o’ FResh PRince. T’Ings gots all messed up in da bonus round. COusin CArlton an’ DUmb DOnald were takin’ turns on some $5 ho. MUshmouth be showin’ cum up from behind and show’d da studio audience how a cartoon character could give a biatch da rimmin’ o’ her life. CHris be chllini with da FResh PRince’s BAnks sistas at da time. HE be laugin’ so hard, he pooed in d’ere pants!

    MAn, I’Se miss CHris. SHort life ended by a man bigga d’en FAt ALber himseld, KEvin JAmes. HOpe you new sitcom be cancelled real sooon. YO big tub o’ sh!T

    • Finnie Dibson
      October 5, 2016

      Wow, Ohh maaa Gaaaa what you smokin willie? Its dumb niggas like you that give the rest of us a bad name

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