Top (L-R): DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Tywanza Sanders, Myrah Thompson. Center (L-R): Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. Bottom (L-R): Daniel Simmons, Clementa Pinckney and Cynthia Hurd were all killed by the gunman

Top (L-R): DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Tywanza Sanders, Myrah Thompson. Center (L-R): Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. Bottom (L-R): Daniel Simmons, Clementa Pinckney and Cynthia Hurd were all killed by the gunman

On the evening of June 17, 2015, nine parishioners, including the pastor, were violently murdered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The next day, Dylann Storm Roof was arrested between 10-11 a.m. in Shelby, North Carolina, and charged with nine counts of murder.

The menacing 22-year-old, who when arrested sported a Justin Bieber-ish haircut, has made it clear to authorities that he is not mentally ill. He is representing himself at the sentencing phase of his highly awaited and publicized trial following his December 2016 conviction of 33 federal crimes. He faces death (electric chair or lethal injection) or spending his entire life in prison.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2016, he told the jury, “I’m not going to lie to you. I trust people I shouldn’t but other than that, there’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.

“In that case my self representation accomplishes nothing. So you can say what’s the point?”

He wants the jury to throw out suggestions that he is mentally unfit. Roof only entered a not guilty plea because his lawyers wouldn’t accept the death penalty sentence proposed by prosecutors. His defense team presented no evidence and called no witnesses.

Dylann Roof booking photo Charleston County Sheriff's Office

Dylann Roof booking photo Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

In the weeks following his arrest, Roof kept a journal of notes where he wrote:

“I am not sorry, I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.

“I would like to make it crystal clear I do not regret what I did.

“I do feel sorry for the innocent white children forced to live in this sick country and I do feel sorry for the innocent white people that are killed daily at the hands of the lower races. I have shed a tear of self pity for myself.

“I feel pity that I had to do what I did in the first place. I feel pity that I had to give up my life because of a situation that should never have existed.”

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  • Lamar Battle

    So you say you like to meet the devil

    • Billy

      I think it was pretty clear what he was saying and there is some truth in his words.

      • refichter

        The only true words he said were “innocent people.” What else was true?

        • Billy

          You know exactly what he was saying playing stupid Is for kids.

      • Lamar Battle

        Such as?

        • Billy

          That nobody wants to share a neighborhood with a bunch of apes who’d rather shoot people and sling dope instead of going to work.

          • Lamar Battle

            Well let’s just say I would never want to share the world with people such as the shooter and I would never disrespect apes.

          • Billy

            I never said I wanted that idiot as a neighbor either or I agreed with what he did. All I said was some of what he said had some truth in it. I personally can give a sh$ t what happens to him. What he did is defenseless.

          • DD

            Idiots…. ignorant at its best… Lord help them!!!! As they don’t know any better… Trash!

          • dick green

            Shut up.

          • Billy

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          • Billy

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          • Billy

            Good news, your sister just left and she told me she’ll buy your happy meal. Gulp.

        • Jason

          don’t waste time on this fool. He is a time wasting troll.

  • Chuck

    Death penalty is the best option here for this drug user. Bye bye!

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Retribution cannot come quick enough for this person. I always knew he wasn’t sorry which is why I didn’t understand the black folks being so quick to “forgive” him. Literally, the next day black folks were talking this forgiveness bs. That passiveness irks my soul. I really want to know where the coon is who took to his FB page to write a diatribe telling him to turn himself in because “we loved him” and “we know he didn’t mean it” and asking him to reach out to him. Where is that Uncle Tom piece of sh!t?

  • nosey rosy

    so glad white america see this… this is who they are raising … if blacks are slum what is he sewage???
    he is really not mental ill he is satanic big difference . hE WAS BORN EVIL … hes a demon he will live and die in misery AS SANTAN SON HIM AND BEN LAUDIN AND HITLER . if he ges life 20 years from now he will be sorrry he did his life like this .he may AS WEELBE DEAD

    • jenny

      Hatred is taught, so I NEVER want to meet the people he was around. The klan he is in, or anyone that helped make him so demonic.

      • nosey rosy


  • Sharhonda Blue Streets

    As if the crimes aren’t enough. Its like putting salt in the wounds..
    Something in the eyes that shows no remorse.. I hope he like the 4 black young adults are found to be mentally ill.. These murders and hate crimes makes no since otherwise. Our feelings and behaviors towards race represent our experiences with each other… I’m sorry these people had such hateful experiences, more reason for us to agree to disagree without all the disrespectful racist undertones…