Krammer & Stoudt NYFW: Men’s presentation

Krammer & Stoudt

Designer Mike Rubin, a Southern California native who launched his line in 2012, debuted his FW17 presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Krammer & Stoudt is a menswear line that offers Southern California casual cool with a contemporary point of view. It was co-created by Michael Rubin and Courtenay Nearburg and utilizes Rubin’s fine art and Nearburg’s fashion photography background.

The FW17 collection consisted of warm but muted tones, open landscapes, raw and rustic textures.

When asked about this collection and its inspiration, Rubin said: “In this season of profound change politically and socially, it seemed appropriate to focus on the invisible among us, unfortunates who piece together a way of life by forging relationships not necessarily familial, but just as strong, and [who] express themselves creatively and to the world as a tribe, a united front against the injustices dealt them. Their expression is rebellious, permanently youthful, with extreme resilience to the elements and the circumstances they must overcome to survive. They are known for moving around the country by very old-fashioned means, by hopping freight trains.”

Runway Presentation Highlights

Photo credit: Menelik Puryear

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