Photo Screenshot: Courtesy of Rickey Smiley facebook page

Photo Screenshot: Rickey Smiley/Facebook page

Rickey Smiley made an announcement that May 1 would be his last day on Facebook. This is due to what he described as negative energy and messy people on his timeline that left derogatory comments in his inbox after he shared a joke about dark skin some found offensive.

He shared in a post:

Rickey Smiley - Courtesy of Facebook

We will miss Smiley on Facebook because it’s his page that really brightens the day. Below, take a look at the three main reasons he will be missed:

  1. Smiley brings a sense of family to Facebook -There have been several times that Smiley has introduced us to family members. We met his favorite grandson and saw a completely different, nuturing side of Smiley and a glistening in his eye when he used the word “pop pop” to describe what he thinks his grandson was internally calling him. We met his daughter who is attending college in Mexico.

  2. Smiley takes us into his day and let’s Brat and other celebrities talk to us and keep it real by telling us what’s really on their minds. If they are tired or even if it’s something more personal, Smiley is going to tell it. He introduces us to the cast and crew and let’s each person tell us their position and what it is that they do. He introduced us to his right hand person Jacenda, the technical producer, and spoke about how she is always interrupting his dates.

  3. Smiley reminds us that he is only human. Even though he is on television and popping at these comedy clubs, he reminds us he is only human. He never tries to be better than others and he keeps it real with his audience on Facebook live.

Some took offense to what Smiley was saying and others didn’t but Smiley took time to explain:

Photo Screenshot: Courtesy of Rickey Smiley facebook page

Photo Screenshot: Courtesy of Rickey Smiley facebook page



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