TV Judge Glenda Hatchett’s daughter-in-law dies after giving birth

Kyira Dixon Johnson, the healthy, vibrant, fun-loving wife of Charles S. Johnson IV, and mother of two beautiful children ages 1 and 2, tragically died on April 13, 2016, at 2:22 a.m. due to massive blood loss after a scheduled Cesarean section delivery of their second son.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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    1. This is happening more frequently than most realize. Care is on the baby and care for Mom neglected . just read an almost identical story yesterday. Most these deaths are due to preeclampsia as nurses and doctors failed to monitor their patient …a very preventable death

  1. This is truly a very sad & neglectful event. BP decreasing & Increase heart rate (HR) is the sigh of SHOCK,
    I know something about the pain. I lost my first born infant because the hospital staff was negligent. I mourned the lost & relived it over many times. I cried for 6 months straight & throughout the years. Just as in my situation… there was no excuse for this to happen, Kyira was exhibiting all of the signs of SHOCK, in addition she would have been cold. I remember the helpless feeling when I told the nurse as she place the leads on the heart monitor to check my baby’s heart rate. She nodded as I showed her the blood from my napkin. I trusted that she would tell the doctors, I know now that I should have left those damn bloody underwear & napkin out on the table for all to see, maybe then they would have realize how serious it was and my baby was in danger. I was very tired, regardless of the pain. I easily fell asleep. I could not fight especially if your exhausted.
    Here’s what I learned you have to ask questions and don’t let some idiot doctor keep your husband out of the room or family member if you want them there. If you are doing your job, then it should not matter.
    If you don’t feel comfortable call an ambulance to take you to another hospital. You have to fight for yourself, and if you can’t do that, then bring somebody with you that will fight for you, or call someone to come to the hospital, no matter what.
    Two heads are better than one. Make sure its someone that will ask questions and not take no for an answer. Once your stable find another doctor. Don’t ever let a anyone ever try to intimidate you or get
    on ego trips. It your life, its your babies, fight like the lioness fighting for her cub. Know your BP & HR and ask what the levels are. You are the one who’s going to know if there is any difference from your norm. Take charge of your health. You are one of many people your not with the group. Call the doctor directly, demand help & accountability and follow up with you. You don’t want to hear it from the nurse. YOU want to hear it directly from the doctor especially if you have concerns. If your not satisfied with the nurse ask for the nurse supervisor on duty and the House doctor. Kyira should have been taken to the OR, the damn CT would not have made a damn difference. She should have been given STAT blood work, would have shown decrease in RBC’s, her other labs would have been off, too. God bless & give love to help ease there pain and help the family get through this with the grace of god and with faith. My heart goes out to those beautiful babies. Please give their dad strength & help him today & always.

    One of the ways to assess your circulatory system is by looking at your nail beds and checking for capillary refill ..Sometimes for black with very dark skin we have to look at the mucosa of the mouth. This is serious business….major surgery ….. a lot of doctors forget to tell the patients this.

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