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theresa medley- engineering luxury

photo by steed media service

Program Quality Engineer, Cadillac

“It’s so exciting, just exhilarating. I can’t put it into words.”
Theresa Medley was finally able to exhale, then inhale the deliciously
emotional moment, as the 2008 Cadillac CTS was finally unveiled before
a crush of international media. As the program quality engineer for
General Motors bathes in this supercharged atmosphere, Medley rewound
her mental projector back to when this aerodynamic wonder was merely a
pencil sketch on a piece of paper. “We come into play as soon as the
car is thought of,” says Medley, who measures the overall quality of
the Caddy, and pinpoints potential and existing problems for
rectification. “We talk about our car, what kind of quality we’re
looking for, and the level of quality that we want. So as soon as they
think of the car, the quality comes into it. We’re there from beginning
to end, from cradle to grave.” The 21-year veteran works with GM’s
flagship brand and models, the CTS, SRX and the STS. As much
professional joy she derives from working on the concept and watching
it being constructed piece by piece, nothing tops when Medley sets the
blacktops of Detroit afire with a brand-new Caddy. “When people receive
the car, and it’s just like ‘wow, you [were] working on that car.’ And
everyone wants to be my friend. “When you are driving down the road,
and they see you and they try to catch you on the highway, that’s a
great feeling.” – terry shropshire

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