grace tappin- moving grace-fully through life

photo by steed media service

Owner, Move with Grace Inc.

Grace Tappin’s aura beams like a brilliant sunset, bestowing warmth
that buoys your spirit while infusing a sense of tranquility to sedate
your overtaxed mind. Her radiance is a banner of goodwill that Tappin
waves at those who enter her space, Move with Grace Inc. You cannot
leave her studio without taking a piece of the atmosphere with you.
Which is why so many return to delve into the studio’s menu of mental
and physical empowerment, such as: yoga classes, Pilates, ballet
classes, martial arts training and salsa dancing.

But it is
yoga – which Tappin discovered as an Ivy-League student at Cornell
University – that helped her reach that elusive plane of emotional and
spiritual prosperity that so many seek. “The meaning of yoga is
‘unity.’ Unity, as in harmony between your body, your mind and your
spirit,” she says inside her studio, which is nestled comfortably
within the bustling artistic enclave in the Clinton section of

Tappin’s classes, which generated a buzz before it opened in January,
are cross-cultural and intergenerational classes which metaphorically
reaches out and cradles everyone within its ambience of positivism. “We
have 6-year-olds and 60-years-olds. It crosses all racial backgrounds,
cultural lines, sexes, big, small and little. It can help everyone,”
she says, her words coated in love. “It’s the best workout you can get.
You only need your body. You may not need 10 billion machines to get
yourself in shape. You only need a mat, a towel and your heart, and
[to] be dedicated to making yourself better. And [to feeling]
centered.” – terry shropshire

Contact the multipurpose studio at or call (718) 230-0013.

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