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Singer Teedra Moses in Talks to Sign With Rick Ross’ Maybach Music

Underground soul singer, Teedra Moses, has been a hit in the independent music scene for the last few years, but now the soul singer is revealing that she may be signing with Rick Ross’ newly formed Maybach Music Group in the near future.

In an interview with, Moses explained that the ball initially started rolling when Ross contacted her in December via Twitter, inquiring if any label had already snatched her up.

“I look at my DM’s, and I see that Rick Ross hits me and was like, ‘Who you signed to? I doing this company…’ blah blah blah. I’m like cool!” explained Moses. “He lives down here in Miami, too, so I start going over there and catch the vibe with him. He hustles really, really hard. So, whenever he was in town, I would go over there and check him out and do tracks and just vibe.”

As Moses explains, Ross’ understanding of her music and artistry is what attracts her to his label.

“He always says, ‘You my Anita Baker.’ Like, he understands what I’m doing,” said Moses. “I want somebody to say, ‘Hey, this girl is hustling. She does her thing. Why is nobody signing her?’ I never wanted to go to them and beg. So, we’re talking, and I really rock with them. I’m considering that very strongly, as he is considering it very strongly.”

That understanding and belief in her music has become a requirement for Moses, who’s admittedly been critical of major label attention ever since she left the now-defunct TVT records after they filed bankruptcy in 2008.

“I’ve had a label before, so you can’t get me with the lure of ‘Oh, we gon’ sign you!’ That don’t mean sh– to me, you know?” said Moses. “The number one thing with me is do you get it?”

However, Moses says that she feels confident that Maybach would be a comfy home for her.

“He has Wale and Meek Mills and, then, the people that are around him that just came up with him, that’s a big deal to me,” said Moses. “You know, I feel comfortable at this point, so I think it’s something that’s going to be [done] probably by the summer.”
Do you think Moses would be a good fit at Maybach Music Group? –nicholas robinson