Beanie Sigel Opens Up About Feud With Jay-Z

Two years ago, former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel shocked the hip-hop community when he began openly dissing his former label head and friend Jay-Z in his rhymes. Now, after having quashed the feud, the Philadelphia rapper is sharing details about his falling out with Jay-Z and his lingering anger toward the hip-hop mogul.

In an interview with Whoo-Kid for Forbez DVD, Sigel explains that the feud initially started over an altercation with Jay-Z’s bodyguard.

“The s— stem[med] from a situation from me that happened when Jay-Z’s bodyguard put his hands on me not in a manner that was harmful to me, but in a manner where he shouldn’t have touched me period,” Sigel told Forbez. “… I addressed Jay about it in front of his A-List company and I guess he ain’t like that too much.”

“I think that was the opening of the 40/40 Club, after that I never saw Jay again,” said Sigel. “I never talked to him again. That couple months went by or whatever, I even tried to reach out to him. It got to the point where you had to get to four different people to talk to Jay.”

Although it’s been years since the two have spoken and Jay-Z’s only mentioned his former protégé in subliminal disses such as on Kanye West’s “Monster,” Sigel explains that if a battle did ensue between the two, he’d be more than ready.

“I don’t think there’s much a person could say about me,” said Sigel. “My gangster’s never been on trial. At the end of the day, what can you say about a real n—a? I ain’t never tell on nobody. I was never in an awkward position where I had to curb my manhood. … Jay can rap. You can’t take anything from Jay, but yo, I’m nice, cuz. I’m nice! I got so many records. That’s why I’m like, ‘Say something — I dare you.’ ”

Listen to audio of Sigel’s explanation of the feud below:

Beanie Sigel Discusses Beef With Jay-Z

What do you think of Sigel’s confessions about his beef with Jay-Z? Who do you think would have the upper hand in a battle between the two? –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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