Bobby Brown hates idea of remaking Whitney Houston’s ‘Bodyguard’ (video)

Iconic crooner Bobby Brown is not feeling the idea of remaking Whitney Houston’s classic film Bodyguard.  The 1992 film, which also starred noted actor and filmmaker Kevin Costner, catapulted Houston to yet another level of intergalactic fame. Houston also belted out the monstrous single “I Will Always Love You,” the primary factor behind making Bodyguard […]

Say what? The man who attacked A$AP Rocky will not be charged

The authorities in Stockholm are not going to charge the man who allegedly hit A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard before becoming the object of a mob-style beatdown. In the two videos that have been circulated widely on social media, A$AP Rocky, aka Rakim Ayers, is seen trying to squash the potentially explosive situation by imploring the fans […]

Chris Brown arrested, charged with rape

Police in Paris, France, have announced the arrest of R&B singer Chris Brown. The singer has been accused of raping an unidentified 24-year-old woman at a hotel in Paris on Jan. 15, 2019. According to the French magazine Closer, the woman claims that she met Brown at Le Crystal, a nightclub close to the Champs-Élysées. […]

Christina Aguilera nails Whitney Houston, sings ‘Bodyguard’ hits (video)

It’s the 25th anniversary of the box-office hit, The Bodyguard, which started Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. On Sunday, Nov. 19, singer Christina Aguilera paid tribute to Houston by covering “I Will Always Love You,” :I Have Nothing” “Run to You” and “I’m Every Woman” at the 2017 America Music Awards (AMAs). Here a list […]

Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard fired over Paris robbery

The fallout from the now famous robbery of Kim Kardashian continues. Kanye West fired bodyguard Pascal Duvier, who has been with the famous duo since 2014 and in the past received high praise both from Kanye and Kim. That all changed after a dramatic armed robbery in Paris in which Kardashian had a gun put […]

Ex-bodyguard reveals Kanye’s diva behavior, lists craziest demands

Even Kanye West publicly acknowledges that he has changed drastically since the loss of his mother, and he is known to shout out antidepressant Lexapro at his concerts and in his lyrics, but the latest revelations from his ex-bodyguard beg the question of whether he spends most of his time off his meds. “I had […]

Prince’s bodyguard dispels drug rumors

The death of music icon Prince has many still grieving and also seeking answers of how the pop star died and lived. There have been many rumors of drug use and chronic pain that have flooded the media but until the autopsy results are released, no one really knows the full extent of what Prince […]

Future’s former bodyguard, Michael Tanner Phillips, killed near Atlanta

Michael Tanner Phillips once served as a bodyguard for rapper Future and often played the piano at his mother’s church. On Jan. 25, Phillips was at his home in Clayton County, Georgia, when he was shot and killed.  According to reports by Fox 5 Atlanta, neighbors heard a commotion at Phillips’ home around 1 p.m. […]

Chris Brown won’t be required to appear in court on assault charge

R&B star Chris Brown will not have to appear in court on Monday, November 25th, in Washington D.C. Superior Judge Robert Tignor declared that Brown won’t be required to travel to Washington from Los Angeles, where he is currently in rehabilitation for his anger issues.

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s former bodyguard killed by Miami cops

Norman Oosterbroek, a 43-year old former bodyguard to numerous celebrities, was reportedly tasered and killed by Miami police earlier this week. The incident occurred on Monday, September 2nd, when Oosterbroek allegedly was an intruder in a home in Pinecrest, Florida; a suburban community in Miami-Dade County.

Ronald Fleming’s MBA Became His (Free) Ticket to Traveling the World

Detroit native Ronald Fleming was serving as a commander in the Detroit Police Department when he decided to take advantage of a program designed to encourage law enforcement officers to pursue higher education. “I earned my master’s degree in criminal justice from Atlanta University,” says Fleming, “And when I was called back to the force […]

Beanie Sigel Opens Up About Feud With Jay-Z

Two years ago, former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel shocked the hip-hop community when he began openly dissing his former label head and friend Jay-Z in his rhymes. Now, after having quashed the feud, the Philadelphia rapper is sharing details about his falling out with Jay-Z and his lingering anger toward the hip-hop mogul. In an […]