Blogger Tami Reed Enjoys Seafood Fest on Eagle Island

Blogger Tami Reed Enjoys Seafood Fest on Eagle Island
Captain Andy Hill prepping for Low Country boil

I am an admitted foodie and I’m not ashamed to say it. So there was not even the remotest possibility that I would depart  Eagle Island without sampling as much of the seafood fare as I could. And there was seafood galore! You may recall that I visited the island recently for an all-girls excursion. Captain Andy invited us to a wonderful dining experience like no other. The island has an abundance of blue crab, fish, shrimp and oysters.

Blogger Tami Reed Enjoys Seafood Fest on Eagle Island
Cajun Low Country boil

Captain Andy began our cooking less with teaching us to fish first, you know “teach a man [woman] to fish and you feed him [her] for a lifetime.” Not only did we learn to fish, but we also learned how to catch crabs. (I learned from a distance, but I learned it none the same). For two nights Captain Andy cooked for the women in our group, which was surprisingly exciting and very sexy. There is nothing like a man that can cook and Captain Andy did an awesome job of sharing his special recipes with us, including Cajun low country boil. I had only experienced this dish once before, but Captain Andy’s tasted more flavorful than the one I remembered. The shrimp were huge and I thoroughly enjoyed the feast.

Blogger Tami Reed Enjoys Seafood Fest on Eagle Island
Five-Moon Oysters

On the second day, Captain Andy told me he would teach me how to shuck oysters. I’d never done that and don’t eat oyster, but when he prepared them for us, I did try one and it was OK. I don’t eat raw oysters period because they’re a bit slimy for my taste, but when he steamed them and added cheese and bacon I was all in, and they were absolutely scrumptious! I also found it amusing that we were stuck on the island eating oysters with no men in sight ha!

Thank you Captain Andy, for cooking for us chicas and thank you for the whole Pinkalicious seafood experience.

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