Chef Jamika Pessoa excited about new show, ‘The Good Dish’

Chef Jamika Pessoa is a dynamic businesswoman and an inspiration to many. She is shaking up expectations of what a female chef can accomplish. Currently, she’s an entrepreneur, TV host, motivational speaker, philanthropist, wife, mom, and so much more. This Southern belle has Caribbean roots and describes her culinary style as “Caribbean heat meets Southern […]

5 ways to avoid poisoning your own food

This last year has had us preparing our own foods and discovering the many health benefits of doing so each and every day. We may also have unintentionally caused our own discomfort by doing something improperly and causing food poisoning in our food sources. Here are five ways of preventing our food from making us […]

Chef Alana’s ‘soul chicken’ is a creative update to tasty traditions

Chef Alana is the owner of Klean Plate Catering/Klean Plate Foods LLC. Based in Maryland, she has been in the food industry for 20 plus years. Chef Alana specializes in soul food made with creative and healthy options and recently sat down to share some of her secrets with us. What is something you make […]

Chef Jojo credits her tantalizing flavors to cooking with her grandmother

Chef Jojo is the daughter of the famous St. Louis soul food restaurateur JT Brown. Bringing the original flavors of St. Louis to every home in America is her mission. While the Atlanta-based celebrity chef and entrepreneur has been cooking her way to the top for the past 25 years, she credits her success to […]

Chef Jernard Wells celebrates global Black cuisine in season 2 of ‘New Soul Kitchen’

Chef Jernard Wells

Chef Jernard Wells celebrates global Black cuisine in season 2 of “New Soul Kitchen” on Cleo TV. Wells brings worldwide flavor to the forefront with four new culinary experts. In its second season, he joins chefs specializing in vegan, savory, Afro-Cuban and Ghanian flavors. Speaking to rolling out, Wells dishes about the upcoming season and […]

What new skills Kelly Rowland is learning during lockdown

Kelly Rowland has been learning new things during lockdown. The 39-year-old singer — who has Titan, 5, with husband Tim Weatherspoon — has revealed she’s been working on her culinary skills during the pandemic because she has “nothing else to do in quarantine.” She shared: “I’m trying. I mean, I have nothing else to do […]

Executive producer Tamra Simmons learns to ‘Cook It Out’ to find love

Watch as Tamra Simmons takes cooking lessons from chef Bella Jones in hopes of finding real love. Simmons learns a new recipe that Jones believes will help her land a fulfilling relationship as they “Cook It Out” with rolling out. You don’t want to miss the second part of this exclusive three-part interview.

Family food fight: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend battle it out in the kitchen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen don’t cook together. The couple enjoys making meals but prefers not to get into the kitchen at the same time because they have different culinary styles. Legend, 40, told Hamptons magazine: “We don’t really cook together. I cook for her; she cooks for me. “She’s a bit more creative in […]

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms’ Christmas mac and cheese scandal

Every year millions of Americans enjoy a holiday meal prepared by family members. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is no different and she posted a picture of her signature macaroni and cheese on Instagram. That picture caused a firestorm of ridicule, with some calling the mayor’s mac and cheese dry and family members stating she […]

Pharmacist Dr. Flava Spices creates spice line to improve health and cooking

As a licensed pharmacist, many would recommend medicine to their patients when they are ill. However, Dr. Flava Spices is not your average pharmacist. Instead of treating patients with medicine, she instead asks them what kind of food they’ve consumed. In January 2017, Dr. Flava Spices created an eight-flavor seasoning line to not only encourage […]

Good Cakes and Bakes gives Detroit’s comeback a sweet taste of victory

With the increasing variety of food choices and entrepreneurs popping up on Detroit’s food scene, it’s safe to say that Detroit’s comeback never tasted so sweet— literally. Pastry chef and owner of Good Cakes and Bakes, April Anderson, is making a name for herself as well as her business around the country, serving up delectable […]

Saving Our Daughters brings interactive cooking class to Ron Clark Academy

The Saving Our Daughters Foundation recently launched their inaugural Saving Our Cinderellas, a three-week cooking program geared toward teaching young girls how to cook delicious and healthy meals to prevent future health risks and reduce the consumption of fast food. The foundation teamed with Atlanta Chef Tregaye Fraser to debut the course at the prestigious […]

Chrissy Teigen cooking for husband John Legend on tour

Chrissy Teigen is cooking for John Legend on his U.S. tour. The Sports Illustrated model is desperate to finish the recipes for her upcoming cookbook and has been preparing food in every spare second she has whilst she joins her husband on his string of dates across the U.S. She told People magazine, “I’m trying […]

Internet cooking sensation Auntie Fee on life support; Snoop Dogg says pray

A woman who could cook some unhealthy but “good a– chicken” known as Auntie Fee and Chef Sista Girl has suffered a heart attack. Her real name is Felicia O’Dell and her internet cooking antics were a viral video hit in 2014. Her YouTube channel garnered millions of views as she fried chicken and pork […]

Try the Dopest Chef’s Valentine’s Day recipe

The Disney movie Lady and the Tramp showed us how pasta will forever be a part of the universal language of love. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s seductive … the three major ingredients that are sought on Valentine’s Day, a day of embracing one another and appreciating the love. Flowers are great but typical. Candy is sweet but thoughtless. […]

6 celebrity cookbooks to help you step your kitchen game up

If you consider yourself a novice in the kitchen and you want some new ideas, then you’re going to want to check out the following cookbooks. These celebs know how to add fun twists to your favorite classics, and we think you’ll enjoy their innovative approach to cooking. The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and […]

Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl commercial causes controversy

[jwplatform D8Fo9HP4] Will someone please give rapper Lil Wayne a good Black history lesson? He’s back in the news for his upcoming Super Bowl commercial, which features Lil Wayne hanging out and cooking for America’s first president, George Washington, on a BBQ grill. This is spoof of the performance of Sherman Hensley and Isabelle Sanford […]