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Yolanda Adams Releases 11th Album, Partners With Walmart

Yolanda Adams

Gospel music sensation, Yolanda Adams, is a multiplatinum, Grammy Award-winning artist, radio show personality and mother. For the last four years, she has focused her energy on her hugely successful radio show, “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” which is now syndicated in 26 markets.

The Houston native released her first album back in 1987, and the incredible singer hasn’t looked back. In December 2009, she was even named the No. 1 Gospel of Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine. With hits like “The Battle Is the Lord’s,” “Yeah, ” “Fragile Heart” and “Open My Heart,” we can see why the former teacher is a household name and has sold 4.5 million albums.

Now, the busy and blessed entrepreneur has finally released Becoming, her latest offering and first project as an independent artist on her own label. Yolanda took time out of her hectic schedule recently to stop by the rolling out office to chat about her new album, life, and balancing all the projects in which she’s involved. –christa e. jackson

What was the inspiration behind your new CD?

The new album is a five-year journey, and I am really enjoying the fact that I was the sole writer on this project. I took all that I had gone through within the last five years and wrote songs about it. Becoming … the title of this CD means I’m evolving everyday. I’m learning more about myself. I’m becoming a better friend, mom, and, hopefully, a better role model as well.

How did you decide on the title, Becoming?

Once you really look at your life, you realize that it really is a journey, and everyday you learn something new. I’m becoming more adaptable to my surroundings, especially in my home.  I’m in the process of updating and beautifying my home, and, as I started the process, I realized that I could beautify my life as well, which means we’re becoming more and more of what God placed in us, and that’s where the CD title came from.

Explain the premise behind Points of Power.

It is a benchmark for what I do on the “Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” twice a day as a short Bible study to get people going in the morning. I just wanted to do a cool little five-minute Bible study that would give people inspiration and encouragement. They can, then, say, “Now, I’ve had my Bible study” and, because people were inspired and wanted the podcasts, I ended up doing the book, giving my view on love, patience, prayer and forgiveness.

Talk about your partnership with Walmart as the exclusive retailer for your CD and how that came about.

It’s a dream come true. I was actually in talks with them for putting out my turkey burger, and they asked me what I was doing musically. I told them that this project is independent, and they approached me about a doing a deal. They came back with some perks that made it a win-win situation, and it’s been incredible.