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Lauryn Hill a Habitual Liar? Rohan Marley Denies Connection to ‘Baby Bump’

Lauryn Hill a Habitual Liar? Rohan Marley Denies Connection to ‘Baby Bump’

Lauryn Hill recently announced the forthcoming of baby No. 6 at her concert in Detroit over this past weekend, however the cat is let out of the bag via ‘her baby’s father,’ Rohan Marley who heads over to his twitter  account and insists, without an “l-o-l or smiley face” that he has no association with Ms. Hill’s big baby-bump announcement. Say What?!!  In response to Hip Hop Wired via twitter, Marley states: “2 things I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything…” He also states that “Until he says out of his mouth the contrary,” he is not the father—he is no longer married to his ex- wife nor Lauren Hill and no she is not currently pregnant with his child. So basically that new baby bump she is sporting around is a result of “someone else’s seed.”

In finalizing his statement Marley proclaims, “Trust me, the info out there is so incorrect for so many years…thanks for twitter I check a few things.” And there we have it folks, another case of “I aint yo baby’s daddy”…I wonder what other things he’s talking about are not the truth and what does he mean “until he says out of his mouth the contrary?” All that means to me is that he indeed could be the father. Anyway this is sad times for Lauryn Hill because now she looks like a pure-bred habitual liar. Marley’s statement could very well be the missing link that lends truth to the fact that Hill is desperate for love and well, I hate to say it, but a bit deranged. In less than 24 hours great news has turned to a big pile of mess! Not to mention, this is making “us” look real bad; I’m talking Michael Jackson ‘Bad.’ I guess all I can say now is stay tuned as this story unfolds. *sigh*

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