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Cory Gunz, CyHi The Prince, Kendrick Lamar and the Future of Hip-Hop Lyricism

Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz

Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre and Kanye West are banking on three emcees who could be the next big hit makers in hip-hop. Cory Gunz (signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint), CyHi The Prince (signed to Kayne West’s Good Music, and Kendrick Lamar (co-signed by Dr. Dre) all have unique rhyming skills that separate them from their peers.

They are the new crop of lyricists who are looking to carry the torch for hip-hop’s next generation. The three will perform at The Loft in Atlanta on Aug. 27.

Maurice Garland, the concert’s host, discusses why Cory Gunz, CyHi The Prince and Kendrick Lamar stand out as hip-hop lyricists of the future.–amir shaw

Cory Gunz

“Cory has been out for a while. He has proven that if you can rap, you can make a living. People wanted to know about this young cat who could rap without taking a breath at all. Cory has been around since 2004, and hasn’t released an album. But he has still managed to land on MTV, magazine covers and on songs with Lil Wayne. It’s all because he can really rap.”

CyHi The Prince

“CyHi proves that there are pure lyricist from the south. He doesn’t have anything else to sell but lyricism. He doesn’t have a gimmick. All he relies on is his lyrics and skills.”

Kendrick Lamar

“He’s one of the young cats who is unafraid to show vulnerability in his raps. There [are] always more than three sides to every story and he does a good job of presenting each side through his music. He’s also one of the few rappers to emerge from Los Angeles who doesn’t have an affiliation with the Crips or Bloods. And before his recent work with Dr. Dre, he was one of the few successful artists from L.A. who didn’t have a connection to the NWA family tree.”

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