Nick Cannon Debuts in New Role on NBC Sitcom, ‘Up All Night’

Nick Cannon’s got talent. Or an awesome agent. Or a great personality. Or, maybe he’s just a really lucky guy. The fact that Nick keeps attracting great things into his life suggests he’s got a combination of all those things going for him. Not to mention, he doesn’t mind working hard.

Being happily married to the beautiful songstress Mariah Carey and the new father of twin babies while hosting the hit television show “America’s Got Talent,” apparently hasn’t kept Cannon busy enough, because he’s taken on a new project as a cast member on NBC’s new sitcom “Up All Night” starring Christina Applegate.

The show follows the struggles of a working mom (Applegate) and her stay-at-home-husband (Will Arnett) as they adjust to the newborn baby who has drastically changed their old hard-partying lifestyle. Cannon’s character co-hosts “Ava,” an Oprah-like talk show featuring Maya Rudolph (“Saturday Night Live” and Bridesmaids). Applegate is Ava’s right hand (wo)man, of sorts.

The show debuted on September 14th to snag the number one ranking with 11 million viewers tuning in. Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker wrote, “Up All Night is more of a character sitcom: If you like the people in it, chances are, you’ll like the show.”

Nick Cannon won’t have any problem charming America, so if the rest of the cast is as likable as he apparently is, the show should be around for a while.

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