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Javaris Crittenton Formally Charged in Shooting, Probable Cause Found

Javaris Crittenton,  a former NBA athlete, has been formally charged in the drive-by shooting death of young mother, Julian Jones, in Atlanta.  Fulton County Judge Karen Woodson found probable cause to charge Crittenton after he was identified out of a photo lineup by eyewitnesses at a court hearing today.

The former Georgia Tech basketball star’s lawyer, Brian Steele, attempted to help Crittenton avoid being charged for the shooting by requesting a dismissal due to lack of physical evidence.  The positive ID ruled that out.

Crittenton is now charged with malice murder, aggravated assault and gun possession in the Aug. 19 incident. Police allege that Crittenton shot Jones accidentally, intending to shoot a man in a group with her who he believed had robbed him of jewelry earlier in the month.