T.I. Confronts Diddy for Nearly Provoking a Fight During BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend

T.I. Confronts Diddy for Nearly Provoking a Fight During BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend

T.I. is not going back to jail for any reason.

During his first weekend out of jail, T.I. made sure that Diddy would not be the culprit behind a potential return to jail due to parole violation. On the night after the BET Hip Hop Awards, T.I. hosted a party at Compound nightclub with Diddy, Young Jeezy and other rappers in attendance.

Diddy grabbed the mic after noticing lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns drinking Grey Goose instead of Ciroc. Infuriated, Diddy went on a rant and nearly provoked a fight.

“Put that s— down, it’s the Ciroc boys in the building,” Diddy said, staring down at Burns. “What you’re gonna do? Put that s— down. Get that out of my face, you’re in my house!”

Moments later, T.I. grabbed the mic and put Diddy in check.

“I don’t care what’s going on here,” T.I. told Diddy. “You will not mess up my $100 million. I don’t care what’s going on, I’m not with that. I’ll get out of here and let y’all have it. I’ve done enough time. Puff, you got too much money for this. Let them drink what they want to drink, they paid for it.”

Diddy can easily play a tough guy while standing behind huge bodyguards, but it’s only an act. It’s safe to believe that Diddy could do no harm without protection from others. T.I. has actually lived that life and knows the consequences of starting a disruption that could easily be avoided. The Atlanta rapper’s display of maturity helped to defuse a potentially disastrous situation. –amir shaw

Watch exclusive video of T.I. checking Diddy 

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