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Marjorie A. Perry, President of MZM Construction, Talks About Success in the Construction Industry

Marjorie A. Perry, president of MZM Construction and Management understands that leveraging her business is a prerequisite for growing, expanding and managing construction projects. Perry knows the unique challenges women face, and she has taken the appropriate actions over the last 26 years to not only to survive, but to thrive. Under her leadership, MZM Construction and Management has completed projects for the Marriott Hotels, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Verizon, the Meadowlands Giants and Jets Sports Arena and many more. Perry’s ability to compete in the male-dominated construction industry allows her to serve as a fount of inspiration for nascent entrepreneurs throughout the tri-state area by sharing her story as a public speaker, writer and role model for women and minorities in business. Rolling out caught up with the busy executive to find out what it takes to run such a successful construction company. –valerie samuel 

What inspired you to go into construction?

I was not inspired to go into construction. My inspiration was to help others start their businesses and my two previous partners wanted to start a construction company, so I ended up falling in love with putting buildings together.

Tell us a little about your background.

MZM was formed in 1992, I started the company with two partners. I bought them out in 1994. Our original goal was to become the largest construction company serving the urban area with homes and jobs.

What does MZM Construction and Management specialize in?

We build buildings with excellence being the common goal for all stakeholders.

How do you decide what is important in terms of the delivery of innovative services?

The business climate is a big predictor for us. Following its pattern has become the next plan of action for construction and transportation. [Identifying] the needs of others and anticipating what the new needs may be helps keep us in an innovative conversation.

Where do you see the future of your specialty in the construction and transportation industry going over the next decade? 

New construction may have flat to minimum growth, but repairs and enhancements will continue to flourish. Transportation and heavy highway infrastructure will also continue to be growth areas. And finally the climate has caused many changes so look for environmental cleanup as a major growth sector.

What advice would you give startup companies?

Learn to view your landscape from a wide angle lens and plan to have short bursts of success with a long-term planning arm.