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Fundraising Expert, Elizabeth Ngonzi Provides Key Tips for Nonprofits

Fundraising Expert, Elizabeth Ngonzi Provides Key Tips for Nonprofits
Founder and CEO of Amazing Taste, LLC, Elizabeth Ngonzi,

Since 2001, Elizabeth Ngonzi, founder and CEO of Amazing Taste, LLC has used her marketing expertise and social media to help organizations develop and manage strategic alliances, produce events and secure fundraising through social media. Ngonzi’s clients have included the United Nations, the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and more.  Presently she also teaches a popular course on online fundraising strategies at New York  University. Rolling out spoke with Ngonzi about how she manages to keep nonprofits thriving and fulfilling their purpose.

How does your Ugandan background  influence your business approach?

My background enables me to think outside of the box. I also tend to attract team members who are interested in global issues and are interested in how best practices in one part of the world can be used to solve problems in another. I travel quite a bit internationally, so I’m constantly exposed to new ideas, people and practices that can be applied to the U.S. context.

Much of online and mobile fundraising seems based on emotion-driven campaigns. How do you recommend that your clients effectively strategize such campaigns?

Before they even launch into a campaign, it’s always best for non-profits to understand who they’re targeting; what sort of action they want the donor to take; what would compel the action; if such a campaign is the most effective means for raising money and examples of other organizations that have successfully undertaken similar campaigns. Once that research is complete I advise clients that they should invest in the development of high quality video footage that tells their story and connects the donor to the cause in a clear and concise manner.

What is the most valuable tip you have for nonprofits seeking to raise funds through social media?

In the world of social media, organizations obviously have a seemingly infinite number of windows for engaging the supporter, however that also means that there is a great deal of competition to contend with. As such, organizations have to pay particular attention to brand differentiation and strengthening before even embarking on a social media campaign.

What sources do you use to keep abreast of developments in your field?

The people and organizations I follow on Twitter and some of the Facebook groups I belong to are my primary sources for trends. I also use Google News and attend as many conferences as possible.

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