Whoopi Goldberg to Ann Coulter: ‘I Didn’t Know We Were Anybody’s Blacks … I Thought I Was Free’

Whoopi Goldberg to Ann Coulter: 'I Didn't Know We Were Anybody's Blacks ... I Thought I Was Free'

Ann Coulter put herself on the list of white people who really just shouldn’t talk about race — ever — when she recently announced to Fox’s Sean Hannity her belief that, “our blacks are so much better than their blacks.” Coulter was referring to her view that conservative black Republicans are superior to liberal Democratic ones.

Whoopi Goldberg addressed Coulter’s comment on “The View” as she and the ladies discussed the sexual harassment allegations two women filed against Herman Cain in the 1990s.

Goldberg mentioned Coulter’s comment and said, “I didn’t know we were anybody’s blacks!”

The audience erupted with laughter as Whoopi quipped, “I mean, my God! I thought I was free but dammit, I found out again, somebody’s got my behind!”

“It sounds like a slave auction!” Joy Behar added.

“I know!” Goldberg agreed.

Meanwhile, the latest from Coulter’s mouth on the subject: “The only racism you hear in America is against conservative blacks.”

Damn. Some folks really are just too far gone. –kathleen cross

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