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Drake Shares Disdain for Twitter and Tumblr

Rap superstar Drake may not have a problem with his albums leaking on the Internet, but one thing he doesn’t enjoy about cyberspace is social media. In the December cover story of The Source, the Young Money prince shares his disdain over sites like Twitter and Tumblr, saying the sites kill individuality and allow young users to become vicious critics while under the shield of anonymity.

“I’m really scared for my generation, you know. The thing that scares me most is Tumblr,” Drake began. “I hate what Tumblr has become. It reminds me of those cliquey girls in high school that used to make fun of everyone else and define what was cool, but in five years, when you all graduate, that s–t doesn’t matter.

“Instead of kids going out and making their own moments, they’re just taking these images and living vicariously through other people’s moments. It just kills me. Then you’ll meet them and they’re just the biggest turkey in the world. They don’t actually embody any of those things. They just emulate. It’s scary man, simulation life that we’re living. It scares me.”

Drake’s disdain for social media doesn’t just stem from cliquey copycats, but also from the venomous online blasts he’s received. As Drake recalls, once, a detractor turned his grief over his sick mother into a terribly twisted Twitter jab.

“I remember the day my mom was getting surgery and someone came on Twitter and they were like, ‘Yo, Drake, I hope your mom dies.’ You don’t really mean that,” Drake shared. “Like, you know you’re going to see something bad. Out of 1,000 compliments, it’s so crazy. It’s basically, like, when you used to sit there as a kid, and want to know what everyone is thinking. That’s your superpower. [Twitter is] knowing what everyone is thinking.”

Well, no one ever said life at the top was without its pitfalls, but considering the (well-deserved) praise that the leak of Drake’s Take Care album has been receiving, social media can’t be entirely bad for the Canadian emcee. –nicholas robinson