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Tweeters Mistaken — Ruby Dee Very Much Alive: 5 Black Celebrity Death Hoaxes

A few hours after millions around the world were stunned by the sudden death of rap legend Heavy D, Twitter began buzzing with rumors that Ruby Dee, the 87-year-old actress and civil rights activist, had also passed away.

Twitter and Facebook users quickly began updating their profiles to include prayers and condolences for Dee and her loved ones, but their well wishes were misplaced since Ruby Dee is very much alive.

The false alarm flames were fanned by the Rev. Jesse Jackson who signed on and tweeted premature condolences. Jackson quickly corrected himself with the message, “The news of the passing of Ruby Dee HAS NOT BEEN confirmed.”

Dee’s son-in-law, Bill Day, told the New York Daily News that his mother-in-law was just fine. “As sure as I’m breathing, nothing has happened to her,” he insisted. Day said he believes someone who heard about Heavy D’s death got confused.

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