Black and Brown Youths March Together in Show of Solidarity

A youth-led black and brown unity march and rally took to the streets of Milwaukee on Nov. 12 to draw attention to the ills caused by the disenfranchisement and exploitation of both groups. In their call to action, the sponsoring groups, Occupy the Hood and Decolonize the Hood pointed out that,

“Milwaukee has some of the highest racial disparities in unemployment, health care, education, prison rates and much more. It is also the number one segregated city in the nation. We believe identifying socioeconomic and social injustices shared by black and brown communities helps draw attention to the ills caused by disenfranchisement and exploitation. Therefore, Nov. 12, a National Day of Action in Milwaukee, will be a collaborative effort by both black and brown communities to join forces to fight against these social and institutional forces of oppression.”

A group of Latino youths marched from M&I Bank, while an African American contingent marched from a protest at U.S. Bank. The two groups converged on Milwaukee’s 27th Street Bridge  then marched together with gathering allies to Mitchell Park, where they shared in cultural presentations and powerful speeches on behalf of oppressed peoples throughout metro Milwaukee and beyond.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Milwaukee has become a city with a majority of people of color. Black and brown people make up more than 60 percent of the population.

Uniting to draw attention to the institutionalized racist practices that disenfranchise both groups? That has to have those who’d rather see these young people divided and conquered shaking in their boots. kathleen cross




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