Researcher Terrance Woodbury shares the importance of the Census for minorities

Terrance Woodbury is a founding Partner at HIT Strategies, a market research focus firm that centered on people of color and millennials. Woodbury has previously conducted polling and focus groups for candidates in local, state, national, and international elections, as well as for companies such as Uber and Google. We spoke with Woodbury about the […]

Elizabeth Acevedo’s new book ‘Clap When You Land’ is a real prize

Elizabeth Acevedo is a Dominican American author and poet. Her debut novel, The Poet X, won the 2018 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. Her other books include Beastgirl & Other Origin Myths and With The Fire On High. She holds a bachelor’s in performing arts from George Washington University and an MFA in […]

Racist road rage couple catch a beating from Latino mom and dad (video)

Across the country, incidents of road rage are becoming an all-too-familiar sight on social media. The results of confronting aggression behind the wheel have led to shootings, injuries and death. For one White couple who decided to use a racial slur when confronting a Latino family, it resulted in an epic butt kicking. According to […]

Outrage after Motel 6 turns over guest lists to immigration

The budget motel chain Motel 6 has recently become part of the debate over illegal immigration because of its policies. According to media outlet The Washington Post, employees at two locations in Phoenix, Arizona have been sending guest information directly to Immigration and Custom Enforcements on a daily basis. The hotels are located in a […]

School kids repeat Donald Trump’s hateful message

If there ever was a doubt that President-elect Donald Trump helped racists think hatred was OK, just look at their kids. There have been multiple incidents of middle school and high school students displaying an uncaring attitude and hateful rhetoric that was taught at home and on TV by Trump during this election cycle. At […]

White police officer kills Hispanic man, Latino community outraged (graphic video)

In the third shooting in 90 days, police officers in Salinas, California, committed what some are calling an example of “extra-judicial execution.” According to police reports, a woman called 911 to state that a man jumped over her backyard fence and tried to kill her dog. Apparently the man also exposed his genitals and then ran […]

UCLA study reveals new school segregation trends

A study released on May 15, 2014, by the UCLA Civil Rights Project shows that as whole schools in America have resegregated. Today a minority student is more likely to attend a public school with a predominately minority student body. This move backwards  towards segregated schools comes almost 60 years after the Brown v. Board […]

Atlanta pimps make as much as $33,000 a week

Atlanta is No. 1 in sex trafficking, according to study An Urban Institute study of sex trafficking from 2003–2007 ranks Atlanta as the No. 1 city in the nation for sex trafficking. The study estimates that pimps in Atlanta make as much as $33,000 a week. The study examined sex trafficking in eight cities: Atlanta, […]

Broadway Star Chester Gregory Talks Color on the Great White Way

Harlem Arts Alliance Presents:  On the “A” w/Souleo The Great White Way was given a dose of black magic this past week during the Apollo Music Café’s “Black Magic: A Broadway Cabaret.” The evening featured the stellar talents of Tony Award winner Lillias White (Fela and Chicago) and Chester Gregory (Dreamgirls and Sister Act) performing songs that […]

Black and Brown Youths March Together in Show of Solidarity

A youth-led black and brown unity march and rally took to the streets of Milwaukee on Nov. 12 to draw attention to the ills caused by the disenfranchisement and exploitation of both groups. In their call to action, the sponsoring groups, Occupy the Hood and Decolonize the Hood pointed out that, “Milwaukee has some of the […]

Thousands Protest Georgia’s New Anti-Immigration Law

Organizers of the march on the Georgia State Capitol initially thought 2,000 to 5,000 participants would show up on Saturday, July 2. They were off quite a bit. Capitol police and organizers now estimate that between 8,000 and 14,000 men, women and children marched to protest Georgia’s new anti-immigration law, HB 87, that went into […]

An Answer To Why the Black Community Is Crime Ridden?

This week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported some interesting findings in its 2010: American Time Use Survey (ATUS). The survey data include the average amount of time per day in 2010 that individuals worked, did household activities and engaged in leisure and sports activities. Data collection for the survey started  in January 2003 […]

Whites Leave Urban Areas En Masse

New census data that is more narrowly focused reveals that some urban areas have reversed the trend from majority white populations to having more minority inhabitants. New York, Washington, San Diego, Las Vegas and Memphis all now boast white minorities according to the Brookings Institute’s demographer, William Frey. In fact, white people are in the […]