5 Things Every Black Woman Should Do on Dec. 1 (World AIDS Day)

5 Things Every Black Woman Should Do on Dec. 1 (World AIDS Day)

1. Get Tested for the HIV Virus

Maybe you are one of those people who think you really don’t want to know your HIV status. If you are thinking you’d rather stay ignorant, consider this:

When you receive the HIV test result you will either:

1) Celebrate the fact that you don’t have the virus, and commit to keeping it that way.

2) Acknowledge that you are one of the lucky ones who discovered the virus before it began wreaking havoc on your health. There are millions of people around the world currently using medication to keep AIDS at bay. An HIV positive test result is not a death sentence — it is a life sentence.  The sooner you know the truth, the sooner you can start the fight to stay healthier longer.

At www.HIVtest.org you can input your zip code and find multiple testing sites near you.

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