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Digital Clues to Our Black Evolution

Digital Clues to Our Black Evolution

There is no question today regarding the rapidly expanding and ever-evolving realm of social media and all that it espouses, making us more pensive in every possible way. We readily share our perspectives and our thoughts inside, and personal business and pasts now have no place to hide. The cost of being so vocal and expressive in this day, means those who have something to hide, no longer have their secrets hidden away.

Social media reveals, explores and theorizes what we have done and can do each day. It captures ideas and depicts places we’d like to visit and perhaps stay. People will connect in the future to review the past, they’ll investigate and search for answers to the questions they’ve asked. Relationships are formed and many will last. But what exactly do they mean, when we like with a click, and our friends and correspondents may or may not be those we have picked?

The vestiges of time and the reason we left some behind, subsides to a faint and clouded memory. Or it becomes the lie when we casually say, it was more than it was, move people in our present out of the way. Those were people in the past, and those bonds did not last. The throbbing temptation to resurrect what’s old, may cause us to overlook the things we know in our soul. Why not choose to grow and move on that day, and not linger in the past and perhaps go astray.

Reflecting on the social media and how it connects business for sure, helps us to relate, communicate and endure. These are the powers that have bearing you see, on how we communicate and behave maturely, regardless of whether or not we agree. Knowing that people will look and say, “Where is his head?” or “Where is he today?” What do they represent, it’s easy to say. Are they reckless in some particular way? Do they have a conscience and are they sensitive to those they address over the course of the day?

First we want to get ahead and Linkedin becomes the thing to do for social motivation and business connections, and professional introductions with diverse cross sections. Make those associations and grow intellectually, and stimulate your mind to expand exponentially. Organize and work collectively to direct your plight, let your dreams and ideas grow wings and take flight.
We can choose to live broader lives, and journey into new dimensions to experience new vibes. We can re-create our identities and make sure that you become the person you are meant to be. We can challenge each other to games and sports matches across the world, and measure our skills while through cyberspace we are hurled. Video games have altered our realities, and Twitter adds to how we interact in actuality.

The laws of social mobility are moving at a rapid pace, while they remove barriers and obstacles are erased. We determine how we will use this technology and what it can do. But who are we going to be and what does it mean for our community? The conversations that rage online every day, should be discussions of how to express ourselves in a better way. Why is it that to the many pressing issues that we have, we don’t apply technology and information like a healing salve?

The fact that we are able to communicate quickly and concisely and more frequently too, does not negate the fact that we have not handled some of the things we are required to do. The fact is that too many choose not to graduate from high school, and we continue to abuse each other, both verbally and physically too. The fact is that we are killing ourselves with drugs and sexual risks that we try to keep out of view. Don’t think there is a pill for you to take, to cure you from the fact that you’ve made a mistake.

Be more. Create an image of being the best, a image that will pass the intellectual test. So we wonder if we are making the most of social networking today, are we using it to its potential and in the best way? Tweet, tweet, tweet — tweet the fact that we have left our history behind, tweet the fact that we have been careless in our thinking and often unkind.

The challenge is for us to know that collectively, social mobility requires social responsibility also. Where is the African American social movement now, and much of our heritage will we disavow? Let’s determine how to come together culturally, and establish ourselves in ways that should come naturally. Think math, think science, think patents and finance. Make contributions in ways you have not done before, and then work collectively to make it more, more, more.

Peace. –munson steed

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