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Herman Cain and 5 Other Men Whose Political Hopes Were Dashed by Sexual Indiscretion

“I … did … not … have … sexual … relations … with … that … woman …”

Ooops! Wrong politician. Former President Clinton, not John Edwards [left], tried to use the above line to deny that he had been serviced under the table while in the Oval Office. The difference between Edward’s predicament and Clinton’s is that Clinton was already president, so he didn’t have to use campaign funds as hush money to keep his jump-off quiet as Edwards allegedly did. But that’s why Edwards is under federal indictment and staring at serious time behind bars.

Add to the fact that Edwards’ now deceased wife was slowly dying from terminal cancer while he was cheating on her, and this slick-talking lawyer and former presidential candidate wouldn’t even had been elected guard the nearest nuclear dump site.


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