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Herman Cain and 5 Other Men Whose Political Hopes Were Dashed by Sexual Indiscretion

Who wouldn’t have wanted to be a fly on the wall when Herman Cain sat down for his “Kitchen Summit” with his wife of 43 years?

We can safely say that whatever wife Gloria served, he ate it very, very carefully.

Cain, the political juggernaut who stormed from the back of the Republican heap to actually take the lead in the race for the GOP candidacy, has “suspended” his campaign amid a plethora of alleged sexual dalliances during his marriage.

If the former pizza pioneer and Morehouse College grad had only one or two accusations shooting his way, he might have been able to survive and continue on strong. But the alleged 13-year affair Cain had with a suburban Atlanta woman somehow reeked of truth. And the fact that Cain would publicly admit that he had been of financial assistance a woman without his wife’s knowledge or conscent was a political death knell to Cain.

Cain should take comfort. The following five men all had brilliant careers that collapsed under the tremendous weight of media scrutiny after being caught in an extramarital affair.

terry shropshire


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