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Mindless Behavior: The New Black Love for Young Black Women

Mindless Behavior, the hottest Pop group with a hip hop/r&b swag, has taken the young world by storm, your daughter’s hearts in the palm of their hands, and who better to do so! Mindless Behavior are the young men of your daughter’s dreams and the key to proving love still exists between young black men and women. Mother’s and daughter’s alike love Mindless Behavior over the rest of the music scene and here’s why:

From generation to generation, each group had their time to woo- New Edition, Boys II Men, Jackson 5, Immature, B2K, young women have always had a young black man in the spotlight to fantasize about and fawn over. Lately we have had a large splurge of pop artists that have caught the attention of mainstream and urban media, so the presence of Mindless Behavior on the scene gives the black community something to smile about.

Mindless Behavior touches the hearts of preteens everywhere. Girls who haven’t experienced their first kiss, first boyfriend, or that first opportunity that takes you to that level have become fanatical about Mindless Behavior. With other young celebrities frolicking on beaches portraying adult relationships, Mindless Behavior promotes a healthy crush that is ideal for the tween age group.

With acts such as Justin Bieber in the mainstream market, we as the African American community need a presence of talented, intelligent, and driven young men that young women aspire to marry and develop relationships with. Our community fights hard to create a platform that portrays our youth in a positive light, so when young talent such as Mindless Behavior takes advantage of the opportunity we must find a way to support them.

In 2011, it wasn’t hard to find an “angry black woman” article. It seemed as if every story online and in the news was telling our black women that we had relationship problems and that we had a harder time developing a marital relationship within our own demographics. They even showed us why we should move on from the men that we have always known and loved to try ‘a different route’. Although the mothers and older sisters of our time have been through the fire, let’s lighten the load for our young women who will go on not only change statistics, but our way of life.

Love your daughter for loving Mindless Behavior!


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