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Black Boutique Owner Cynthia Davis: ‘How I Started My Business With Only $100’


What is your personal style when you’re selling clothes?

My personal style is conservative at times. Well, Ne-Ne, from Real Housewives of Atlanta, that’s my style personality.

Outside of the website, how else do you promote your business?

I promote my business on Facebook, but I’m not on Twitter, I’ll get to that eventually. That’s the thing now, social media networking; it used to be where it was hand-to-hand [sales], but you’ve got to advertise wherever you are. I stop young ladies, almost like more of an Avon, or Mary Kay [salesperson]. I’ll say, “that looks nice, I’ve got a piece similar to that, if you like that, check me out.”

And it helps that I have a website, you know the old saying, “a business with no sign is a sign of no business.”

I try to make sure that I have paraphernalia for hand-to-hand stuff. I even do things in the winter time, I’ve got these little bags of Nivea lotions because the season is changing, so I’ll put my business card in the little organza bag with the lotion, and I’ll give them to the young ladies and tell them to check me out.

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  1. USArmy on December 20, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    What?  She didn’t need the government to hold her hand and give her everything.