Amber Rose Cries Over Kanye West Scrutiny

Amber Rose Cries Over Kanye West Scrutiny

Amber Rose has certainly been buffing up her resume over the past several months, landing a deal as a spokesperson for Smirnoff, nabbing a spot in the new film Gang of Roses 2 and trying her hand at music with her debut single, “Fame,” featuring her hip-hop beau, Wiz Khalifa. But despite her flourishing career, one thing still mars her life — her past relationship with Kanye West. And during her latest interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live,” Rose spoke candidly about the continued rumors and scrutiny surrounding her relationship with West, shedding tears over the matter.

“Today on your show, I just want to let it be known that I am so done with the Kanye questions. That’s my past, I’m done with it,” she told show host Sway Calloway. “I’m done, I’m moving on with a new career. I’m in love with Wiz. I’m happy. I just want to move on with my life, and we can get everything out right now and then I’m done.”

Indeed, things have seemingly been blissful for Rose ever since she began dating Wiz. And last year, Rose even claimed that Wiz was an upgrade from West, and has continuously spoken about wanting to settle down and have kids with Wiz.

“I’m so happy now that I actually have a gentleman, a great guy that I love so much,” she said of Khalifa. “Wiz knows that I never loved a man the way that I love him. He knows that, he’s very secure with that. He’s knows that, no matter what, I would never go back to that,” she said, referring to her relationship with West.

Though Rose would never go back to the relationship, which ended in 2010, she still finds it hard to detach herself from West, at least in the public eye. Several months after the break up, West released the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, with a number of the album’s songs seemingly alluding to his relationship with Rose. And last year, West stirred up more controversy when he dissed Rose during a festival performance and later on, had a change of heart when he apologized to her and thanked her hometown of Philadelphia for making her, during a November “Watch The Throne” show. Adding fuel to the fire, Rose recently found herself caught up in the tabloids with West, though, admittedly of her own doing, after she alleged that he previously cheated on her with reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian.

“Nobody really knows my side of the story. No one knows what I’ve been through and the things that I had to deal with when Kanye released his album and he talked reckless about me on his album. And, you know, I had people throwing things at me on the street because they’re fans of Kanye,” explained Rose before welling up with emotions and breaking into tears.

“I’m just crying because I don’t deserve to be bullied like that. I’m a nice girl, I don’t bother anybody. I keep my mouth shut because I don’t want any trouble,” explained a tearful Rose. “But to be bullied through music and stuff like that, it’s not fair to me. I don’t deserve that, and I’m sick of being bullied.”

Seeing a woman who’s typically known for being a brazen celebrity sex bomb break down, definitely helps her shed her fiery image and lets fans see a vulnerable side of her, one that we can definitely sympathize with. Like Rose, here are six other celebs who’ve come under fire from the public after their breakups with their high-profile lovers. –nicholas robinson

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