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Entertainment » Demi Moore 911 Tape: Smoked ‘Incense’; Couldn’t Speak

Demi Moore 911 Tape: Smoked ‘Incense’; Couldn’t Speak

Demi Moore was barely “semi-conscious,” according to the 911 tape released by the Los Angeles fire officials, it took a full ten minutes to arrive at her home.

The frantic caller reported that Moore smoked something before she collapsed.

Moore, 49, has been “having issues lately.”

The operator asks: “Is she breathing normally?”

911 Caller: “No, not so normal. More kind of shaking, convulsing, burning up.”

Another woman is heard on the tape and she reports that Demi is trembling and shaking:

“Demi, can you hear me?” the woman asks. “Yes, she’s squeezing hands. … She can’t speak.”

The tape does not release what Demi Moore actually smoked in order to comply with medical privacy rules.

“Some form of … and then she smoked something. I didn’t really see. She’s been having some issues lately with some other stuff. So I don’t know what she’s been taking or not,” the friend says.

“She smoked something. It’s not marijuana. It’s similar to incense,” the woman told the 911 operator.

“Herbal incense,” aka Spice is synthetic marijuana sold online. Side effects of spice include rapid heartbeat, seizures and anxiety. It is unknown if Moore ingested Spice.

“Whatever she took, make sure you have it out for the paramedics,” the 911 operator says. The operator asked the 911 caller if this incident has happened before, and the woman replied:

“I don’t know,” she says. “There’s been some stuff recently that we’re all just finding out.”

In November, Moore announced she is filing for divorce from Ashton Kutcher, 33.

Her Twitter account is still listed under mrskutcher but she has not Tweeted in weeks. On Friday, Millennium Films announced that Sarah Jessica Parker will replace Moore in the role of feminist Gloria Steinem in its production of  ‘Lovelace’, based on the porn star Linda Lovelace.