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Karen Jackson, Sister Network Inc. Founder, Fights to End Breast Cancer

Name:  Karen E. Jackson

Company:  Sisters Network Inc.

Title:  Founder and CEO

Breast Cancer Survivor

What inspired you to create the Sisters Network Inc. organization?

While going through my diagnosis 18 years ago, I was frustrated with the limited information being shared and the disparities that existed in the African American community about breast cancer.

What is the purpose and mission of the Sisters Network Inc.?

The purpose and mission of Sisters Network Inc. is to educate and increase awareness about the devastating impact breast cancer has in the African American community. African American women are diagnosed with this disease less frequently than their white counterparts, but our death rate is higher. Our women are more likely to be diagnosed at a younger age and with more aggressive tumors such as the Triple Negative tumors.

How has your original vision for Sisters Network exceeded your own expectations?

First, I realize that I am blessed to be alive today to witness how my vision has impacted thousands of lives. Our members from across the county are spreading the breast cancer message and our movement is growing each and every year.

What new programs have you implemented within the last year that our readers should know about? 

We recently launched the Young Survivors Initiative to address the growing numbers of black women who are being diagnosed under the age of 40.  While Sisters is very committed to educating  women of all ages, we recognize that our young women must understand that knowing their family history, getting mammograms, ultrasounds [and] being educated [are] vital to saving your  life.

What will we see at this year’s Sisters Network Inc Stop the Silence Walk?

Our third annual walk is expected to attract over 5,000 women and men from around the nation. It is such a powerful vision to see so many African Americans — young and old — walking in honor of those special women they have lost, celebrating those women who are survivors, and generating awareness about breast cancer. Funds raised by the walk benefit Sisters’ Breast Cancer Assistance Program [BCAP], which provides financial assistance to survivors. This is the only national African American breast cancer walk in the nation. Sisters Network is proud to be the leading voice in African American women’s fight against breast cancer.

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