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New Poll: A Serial Cheater Doesn’t Ruin the Marriage

New Poll: A Serial Cheater Doesn’t Ruin the Marriage

Cheating — even more than once — does not mark the end of a marriage, at least not according to a new survey in Glamour magazine.

“Cheating isn’t a deal breaker,” Nicole Kluger of Conde Nast (parent company of Glamour) tells rolling out.  1,000 men and 2,100 women (ages 18-40) responded to the study.

The results:

“Only 36 percent of women ages 19 to 29 would divorce their husband if he strayed even once –and more than a quarter overall say that sex outside marriage doesn’t have to ruin a relationship. Again, men are more traditional, 42 percent of men in their twenties would divorce if a partner cheated just once.”

What’s also interesting is that younger women aren’t too excited about marriage in the first place, Kluger says about the poll.

 “Young women say marriage is history,” Kluger says.  “51 percent of women under 30 – and 46percent of women overall – say the institution is becoming outdated. Men are more traditional, a full 58 percent believe the institution is timeless. Nearly one in three women in our survey says she’d feel fine going through the rest of her life single and 59 percent of women say divorce is healthy if two people fall out of love.” 

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