Metta World Peace to Make an Appearance on ‘Conan’

Metta World Peace will appear on the late-night comedy show Conan on Monday, May 7 to do his first extended interview since being suspended seven games for elbowing Thunder guard and sixth man of the year James Harden.

Besides speaking on the suspension the conversation that MWP has with Conan O’Brien should be entertaining, to say the least. Hopefully, it’s something like Metta’s appearance on “Lopez Tonight,” which was certainly must-see TV.

World Peace had a scheduled appearance for the show on April 22, but MWP’s publicist cancelled the day after the elbow to Harden’s head.

Five more games and Metta is back in action. All NBA players be warned, the “MWP elbow” is alive and kicking if anyone decides to get out of line.

Go Lakers!


Source: CBS Los Angeles

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