John Travolta’s Sex Abuse Lawsuit Takes New Turn, Accuser Releases Statement

John Travolta's Sex Abuse Lawsuit Takes New Turn, Accuser Releases Statement

With new claims of sexual abuse mounting against actor John Travolta, one of his accusers has released a bizarre statement criticizing the media and giving well wishes to his alleged attacker. The accuser identified only as John Doe number one, gave his rambling rant to RadarOnline Thursday asking people not to rush to judgement and let the matter play out between parties who “are not pitbulls or aces,” but lawyers.

“Despite the circus that celebrity matters seem to spiral into, we should grant all parties involved a wait-and-see attitude, and wait for either the official decision of a judge and jury, or the possibility of a dignified discussion between people who are not pit bulls, or aces, or anything, but are actually officers of the court (lawyers) who have sworn an oath to protect the justice system from losing its blind lady of justice with scales and replacing her with the days of Salem Witch Hunts,” John Doe number one said.

Continuing with his rant, “John Doe” wished the actor and his legal team good health and happiness despite the forthcoming court proceedings. “Even though Mr. Travolta and his counsel are on opposing sides in this matter, I do wish them good health, happiness, and want them to be judged with absolute fairness as our great nation affords all citizens regardless of their wealth or station,” he added.

John Doe number one is the first man to accuse Travolta of sexual abuse during a private massage in a Beverly Hills hotel room. The first Doe alleges that a sexually aroused Travolta touched him inappropriately on two occasions. Shortly after Doe made his claims, a second man, John Doe number two, echoed his sentiments with similar claims.

–danielle canada

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