Why Today Is the No. 1 Day for Black Mothers to Cheat

Why Today Is the No. 1 Day for Black Mothers to Cheat

African American author and infidelity expert Ruth Houston states that the birth of a child can greatly alter the husband and wife’s relationship dynamic. For example, the wife may pay more attention to the newborn than the husband, and the husband may see the wife as a mother instead of a lover.

“If the opportunity presents itself, she may enter into an affair for the emotional connection it offers,” Houston notes, “or simply as a way to reaffirm her desirability by becoming the center of a man’s attention once again.”

Revenge is also a motivating factor for cheating on the Monday after Mother’s Day, and of course, a lackluster sex life.

Oddly, a study released a few days ago, Moms & Media 2, from the Meredith Parents Network, the publisher of Parents and American Baby magazines, found that 12 percent of mothers between the ages of 18-35 are actually using the cell phone during sex.

Unfortunately, the researchers did not investigate what the moms were actually doing on the phone, during the intimate acts, but streaming adult movies or sexting would be a wild guess.

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