Transgender Rapper, ‘Black Madam,’ to Stand Trial for Illegal Butt Injections

Transgender Rapper, 'Black Madam,' to Stand Trial for Illegal Butt Injections

‘Madam’ On Trial for Illegal Butt Injections

If illegal butt injections had a poster child, it might be “Black Madam.” Madam, a 42-year-old transgender hip-hop artistm was arrested in March after a 23-year-old woman was hospitalized with respiratory problems and silicone particles in her lungs from a botched butt injection session. Police report that Madam, whose real name is Padge Victoria Windslowe, charged $1,000 to perform injections on a dining room table for women looking to plump up their posteriors. Shurkia King, an exotic dancer, spent two weeks in the hospital after Madam pumped silicone into her buttocks from a water bottle.

In court this week, King testified that she first had injections performed on New Year’s Eve and then came back for a follow-up procedure the next month. Testifying that the needles used to inject the silicone “looked clean,” the young woman noted that the water bottle struck her as odd but she paid it no mind. According to King, one of the injections seemed to go in wrong and left her leg shaking. “She [Madam] said, ‘Just breathe. It’s OK. It’s OK,’ ” King said.

The so-called Black Madam

Following that, King went to a hospital complaining of shortness of breath. A doctor would later confirm her claims and note that her oxygen levels were “dangerously low.” Until very recently, King was using an oxygen tank to breathe. Dr. Arka Banerjee of Lankenau Medical Center also wrote that the silicone particles traveled to her lungs and were too small to surgically remove from the woman’s body.

Madam is the same woman linked to the death of a London woman who traveled to Philadelphia for a similar butt enhancement procedure. In February 2011, Claudia Aderotim, 20, complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing for 12 hours after receiving her injections. She later died after silicone filler leaked into her bloodstream and lead to heart failure. No charges have been filed in that case as detectives await extensive autopsy test results.

Black Madam's mug shot

This week, the Madam’s alleged new victim testified that she’d heard about the British woman and questioned the pumper about it.”She said she didn’t kill the girl, [that] she was high,” King said.

This is the second time this week that a butt injection story has made headlines. On Tuesday, a woman spoke of losing her limbs from complications with silicone injections. That woman, April Brown, has refused to reveal who injected the industrial grade silicone in her body.

In addition to being an alleged homemade plastic surgeon, Madam is said to be a hip-hop star who’s released a series of “sexy” videos and pictures. Check out the Madam getting her shine on before her injection accusation days. –danielle canada

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