‘LHHH’s’ K. Michelle on sex with Idris Elba and being controlled by R. Kelly

Songstress K. Michelle is just as famous, if not more so, for her lack of self-restraint or tongue filter as she is for her vocals and reality show career. Subsequently, she continues to make for enlightening and entertaining interviews regardless of her stature within the music game. For example, despite being popular and pretty in […]

5 ladies whose butt injections went bad

Butt injections: are they worth it? In a visual society where women are screaming for attention, I sometimes wonder what they will do next. Above, Kat Stacks went missing after a slapping incident at Pearl in Atlanta and resurfaced showing off her new assets. Check out four more ladies whose butt injections hurt and didn’t […]

Bad Booty Injection Results (Photos)

Apryl Michelle Brown was tortured as a kid  — not physically, but psychologically, which is oftentimes far worse, penetrates deeper into the soul and lasts much longer than physical beatdowns. Tired of being teased by her family and friends about her flat, “pancake” behind, Brown saved up enough money to get the illegal basement booty  […]