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Trina Sims, Owner of Weddings and Events by Trina

Trina Sims, Owner, Weddings and Events By Trina

How would you handle the situation if your family members were resistant to change?

“Family has to separate business from personal life. At home we may bicker, but it should never carry over to business issues or decisions. It would be hurtful, but this is my baby… I would have to cut people off if they didn’t respect my vision. I love what I do and this is why I take my business so seriously. Everything that leaves my door is a representation of me, so it absolutely has to be my best work every time.”

What is the overall benefit of having a family-owned business?

“The greatest benefit is the quality time I spend with my husband. We have become closer since he [Fred] retired… I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Trina Sims

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