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Radio’s Bionce Foxx: Chicago’s ‘Fox the Box’

Power 92's Bionce Foxx.

Power 92's Bionce Foxx.

Radio producer Bionce Foxx, (producer of Power 92’s “The TakeOver”), is a leader in the radio industry. Foxx, aka the Fox on the Box, is also the general manager of Chicago’s new Internet station and an instructor at the prestigious Illinois Center for Broadcasting.

Foxx began her career when she heard a calling, literally, a radio ad searching for a new host. Foxx swiftly responded with a demo tape. Within a week, the inexperienced talent was on the air and 12 years later, she is still in radio. –lydia k. nesmith

What are your roles and responsibilities as a radio and television personality?
I am a public speaker, a special guest host for corporate meetings and events. I volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club and I’m highly involved in many charitable organizations. My responsibility is to spread positivity.

What’s your 60-second elevator pitch?
I am the producer of the “The Takeover” show, a general manager for Windy City Underground and I also do voice-over work.

How does your career choice align with your personal philosophy?
This career aligns with who I am. I enjoy being able to spread positivity and enlighten someone.

Tell us about a personal success story.
I am still in the process of finding success. If success is happiness, I have achieved that much. If success is monetary, then I have accomplished that goal as well. I am still searching for the true reveal of success.

How do you use the Internet to interface with your target audience and individuals that you serve?
I have my web page, which highlights charities that I am involved with and personal interests. I’m especially proud of my S.H.O.E.S foundation: Serving and Helping Others with Everyday Situations.

I love shoes! I feel the pair of shoes one wears says a lot about who they are. At least twice a year, I donate shoes either from my personal collection or I will buy shoes from DSW or Chernins Shoe Zone and give them to various women’s shelters and the Salvation Army.

What is your favorite saying posted on your desk or door?
Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

If you were running for president, your campaign slogan would be …
I like President Obama’s campaign, “Yes We Can!” My slogan would be “We Are …” Two intriguing words that can define our country as a whole. We Are United, We Are Unified, We Are Peace. Although we are diverse, we are all the same at the end of the day. We hurt, we love, we are.

What are your favorite three books?
The Bible. The Book of Psalms [is] very poetic. I enjoy reading educational books, lots of nonfiction. I am always seeking knowledge.