Brii Reneé explains how radio prepared her for a multifaceted journey

Brii Reneé believes that what’s for you won’t pass you up

Brii Reneé, a well-known radio personality in Atlanta and co-host of REVOLT‘s “Black Girl Stuff,” has added podcasting to her resume with the popular “Mommy and Me” YouTube series. In addition, Reneé has also made a name for herself in the film and television industry with roles in “BMF” and “Swarm.”

Reneé exclusively spoke to rolling out, sharing more of her journey and what to expect from season two of “Black Girl Stuff.”

How did having a journalism background help you stand out from others?

Even though I went to school for [journalism] as an undergrad, I still tell people I’m not a journalist; I’m a personality. I feel like journalists have to be unbiased and state the facts. They have to report the truth or the story. As a personality, I’m going to let you know how I feel about it. Yes, I will state the facts and give you the truth, but I also want to give my perspective and challenge yours. I don’t identify with that part of journalism. I don’t necessarily look down on anyone who doesn’t have a journalism degree because I believe you can have meaningful conversations and push the conversation forward even without that degree.

How has it set you up for where you are today?

I wholeheartedly believe that every single opportunity and experience I’ve had has set me up for where I am right now. I think that’s God being intentional with where he places you and when he does. I believe there are skill sets I’ve learned that have helped me and solidified my role in the cast. For example, I might be the person they lean more on to read the teleprompter. I’m prepared for that because of my experience. However, if I didn’t have that experience, [I don’t think] it would have made a difference. What’s for you is going to be for you. I believe God has equipped all of us with certain experiences that will prepare us for our future.

What led you to launch your “Mommy and Me” podcast on YouTube?

It’s interesting because it started off as going live during the pandemic. [My mom] doesn’t drink anymore, but back then, we would have a glass of champagne, go live, and just talk about things that [she] was vocal about, or I was privileged to learn about [such as] credit and financial literacy. I realized, as I grew up, that not everybody had that in their household. I thought, let’s share [my mom’s] expertise with the world.

How do you plan to channel that healing energy into season two of “Black Girls Stuff”?

We’re in the middle of season two. We brought Akilah [Ffriend] back, which I love. She brings a different energy and dynamic this season. I think we get [more real]. We’re more honest. I think everybody cried on the couch this season. We have grown and challenged perspectives.

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