Sam Fine Talks Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Sam Fine Talks Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Sam Fine Talks Fashion Fair’s ‘Truly Treasured’ Line

Sam Fine is not only a makeup maven known for polishing and glossing the faces of Hollywood’s black and beautiful, he’s also the Fashion Fair’s creative makeup director whose tips and cosmetic tricks can instantly transform a plain Jane into a red-carpet worthy beauty. Rolling out recently checked in with the makeup connoisseur to discuss black women’s most common beauty mistakes, Fashion Fair’s ‘Truly Treasured Collection and the apprehension many many feel toward this historic black-owned brand. –danielle canada

In the past you’ve said that black women’s biggest makeup mistake is not wearing it. Why do you think we shy away from cosmetics?

The funny thing is someone always asks me what the biggest mistake is when women wear make up and I say, it’s that they don’t wear it all. For me, not participating in the game is the biggest mistake. We love doing different textures and colors with our hair and our style, yet when it comes to makeup, sometimes it doesn’t always mesh. So I say mascara, eyeliner, grooming your brows, powder — these are such simple things to use that help you to put your best face forward. You know someone responded [to my comment] and said, ‘I don’t need makeup, my skin is beautiful.’ And I said ‘Yes, but I work with some of the most beautiful women in the world; Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Iman, Tyra Banks, they’re beautiful women and they wear makeup to accentuate each feature.’ Why would you wanna be left out of that?

With that in mind, a lot of women don’t want to wear powder and foundation in the summer because they think it’s too heavy. What are some of your summer makeup tips? 

During the summer months I understand that a lot of women don’t want to wear that much makeup, but it’s really all about learning how to manipulate your product. Say if you’re using cream foundation, maybe you only need it in certain areas; under the eyes, around the mouth. Then maybe using a liquid foundation in other areas to unify the tone. Also you can use a two-ply tissue, separate it, then blot to make the skin look a lot more realistic and skin-like. You can play up color, you can still play up gloss. It’s also a great time to use bronze,r because you’re naturally glowing. Start the glow and then allow it to happen a little bit more [with a bronzing powder.]

Sam Fine Talks Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Tell me about this Truly Treasured collection, what makes it different than the other Fashion Fair lines?

The Truly Treasured collection is really fun, it a summer collection that honors black women by giving them a range of rose shades to plum shades to choose from. It has a wonderful rose colored blush, it has four lipsticks that range from a beautiful pale dusty rose to a deep plum. The wonderful thing about Fashion Fair is that you’ll find a color that speaks to a range of beauty. It won’t just be one color that you hope you can wear, but it’ll have a range that you can wear with your makeup personality, no matter what you’re feeling that day. You don’t have to worry about if you’re gonna be left out of this trend, because you won’t be with Fashion Fair.

How can the Truly Treasured collection help you do a five-minute face?

The five-minute face begins with you. It begins by thinking about the products you need most. If you know you need concealer, foundation and mascara then that’s your five-minute face. If you’re a woman who knows you need more time with your eyebrows, then you have to make time to enhance those features. A five-minute face is so easy and I have to tell you, a dark lip speaks glamour instantly. So that’s a great way to get a beautiful, glamourous, look in five minutes.

In the past I’ve noticed that Fashion Fair has a stigma that it’s “your mother’s makeup” or it is something your grandmother would wear. How is Truly Treasured helping to reverse that?

I think it’s a wonderful compliment when people say that it’s my mother’s makeup because that means that we have a rich heritage that has been around long enough that not only does your mother remember it but your daughter has a chance to discover it as well. When you see the new packaging from the Truly Treasured collection to the Siren Call collection last holiday to the new things that are coming out, there are gonna be a lot of things for you to discover. Fashion Fair is generational. When we hear notions like this it lets us know that we’re still doing something right.

Sam Fine Talks Fashion Fair Cosmetics

What would be Sam Fine’s number one makeup tip? What’s the one thing all women should do?

Sam Fine’s number one makeup tip would be to wear makeup. I have three sisters at home who don’t wear makeup. Using powder to alleviate shine to make the skin appear more consistent in color and texture is the easiest thing you can do. Also mascara, I always apply one thin coat after wiping the the brush, then I go on to something else. Get dressed, put your shoes on, then come back and do another coat, your lashes will build so much more beautifully. Lastly, remember the looks that you see on the red carpet take a lot of time. Remember layering, layering, layering; putting on bronzer with blush, putting lipstick with lip gloss. Not only does the layering make it look so much more beautiful but it lasts a lot longer.

How can people keep up with you Mr. Fine?

If you wanna keep up with Sam Fine follow me on Twitter. You know I’ll answer all your questions, I have so much fun on Twitter @SamFineBeauty. I also have a Facebook page and a Sam Fine fan page. Don’t forget to like Fashion Fair, they’re always gonna let you know what’s going on and see my webisodes where I teach you how to wear your favorite Fashion Fair products.

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